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The lastest Wedding Cake

I have another wedding of a family member coming up this weekend. She found out that I did a cake for someone on my dh side of the family last year and wanted me to do one for her. So I agreed.

I have only worked with fondant 2 times before this week. The first is here and the second was a small cake that I did with my sister because she wanted to see how to make fondant. I must say the third time around is a millions times easier.

I used the marshmallow fondant that you can find here. A couple of hints that I have learned this go around are
  1. Use about 2/3 - 3/4 of the bag of powdered sugar. It will make your fondant stickier, but alot easier to work with in the end.
  2. If the fondant is really hard to roll out, put it in the microwave for a 15 seconds at a time until it is easier to work with again. Sadly I figured this out after doing 2 of the layers.
  3. Patience, Patience, Patience!
  4. Invest in a good roller that is long and skinny and has no handles. You will not get the lines that come from the rollers ends as badly.
  5. Get a fondant smoother. It is like a plastic trowel (you know those things that concrete people use to smooth out the concrete), but it is made for fondant. I found mine at walmart for 5 dollars or so.

For the actual icing (the dots and the shells) I used royal icing and tips 18 (for the shells) and 4 (for the dots). The last wedding cake we did dots all the around the bottoms of the cakes, but this time I decided on the shells because I had some pretty big flaws at the bottom to cover up. It definately helped. The dots are for something a little different and to try and hide more flaws.

The royal icing recipe that I used is

mix 1/2 c crisco (the white kind), 1 drop of butter flavoring, 1 tsp vanilla (I used clear)

Then add 1 lb powdered sugar and 1/4 c water until it is the consistency is like whipping cream

I also found this great website with lots of great tips for decorating any cakes, find it here. She also has a different recipe for the marshmallow fondant.

I love doing the marshmallow fondant, it is cheap, tastes really great, and it is easy to work with. We are setting up for the wedding tonight so I will get pictures of the cake with the flowers on it for you later. I am just so excited that it turned out better than the last ones! Wahoo!

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