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My Christmas Present--

Welcome to our Christmas morning...

Notice the blanket covering "something".  I am totally oblivious to this.  Let me also tell you that I HATE waiting for the surprise.  I want to know NOW.  The thing is I don't even know that I have a surprise coming. 4 yr old told me not to look at the blanket.

Oddly enough I do know what that box you?

But wait...that box was pretty cool and I was excited.

Now look at what else was under the tree I found out 2 hours later....Another pretty box.  Again I was oblivious.

Look what my hubby got for me!  Its a brand spanking new Bernina Sewing machine.  It does automatic button holes (which I must say are A--MAZ-ING! and so much FUN)  I no longer hate button holes.  

It also has a few other features that are saving me  a TON of time.   Which is what my hubby wanted it to do.  I honestly had not idea.  I knew that he wanted to buy me a new sewing machine for a long time.  I however LOVE my old machine and still have it but don't know if it will see much sewing anymore in my hands.
Look at my surprise. 
So here is that box at work.  It is a sewing machine cabinet.  It has a few small shelves in the door but most importantly it has an adjustable table where the machine sits so no more sore muscles in my neck and shoulders from my machine sitting too high. 

My absolutely favorite thing (ok there are a lot of fav things) is that niftly lever down by my chair seat.  I push my knee on it and it lifts the lever foot.  AWESOME!  I swear it saves me so much time. 
Nice?  I think so :)

And when I am all done sewing it folds up ever so nicely. 

Thanks Honey for spoiling me rotten.  Let me tell you I though I had finally outdone him for Christmas this year but once again he got me the best present EVER!



Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Enjoy your new gift!

K-E Kreations said...

What a wonderful Christmas present! You're very lucky & have a wonderful family.

Summer said...

I am SOOOOOO jealous! Where did he get the box thing? What a good hubby!

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

That is WAY cool!!!

His girl said...

What an awesome present! I wish I knew how to sew, alas, it is not meant to be. :) Great post. Blessings!

william2233 said...

Nice, from a children author

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