Old Crib Refashion The Lost is Found!

I saw this blog post from The Red Kitchen a VERY long time ago.  Since then I have been looking for myself a crib.  I even posted about it HERE.

Anyways.  If you go over to the link you will see the awesomest easel EVER!  It has chalkboard on both sides.  I have been wanting to make it for my girls.  I would post the finished pictures for you but both girls climbed into bed with me this morning.  Plus the easel is going to be their Christmas gift.  SO I can't give that away!

Anyway..The story goes something like this...I have been SEARCHING craigslist for crib like this.  I haven't come across a single one.  I have my sister looking for one in thrift stores.  NOTHING.  For over a year!  So I was out at my moms house yesterday getting all that Stuff ready to be painted for my new house (that is supposed to be done in 2 weeks :)  When I opened up a door to a room that should never be looked in at the wood shop (seriously my parents are the cleanest freaks out there but this room was AWFUL.  You could SMELL the mouse poop as soon as the door was opened.  NASTY)

Anyway so my mom was like "Hey theres the crib that all 7 of you kids slept in."  I calmly asked if it was solid on the ends?  Mom said "I have no idea"  So I proceeded to peak around all the crap that covered up the crib and lo and behold IT WAS!  Seriously!  I am so excited. It looks just like the piece on the left in the picture (both sides do)

I was in hog heaven.  So now that piece is all sanded and will get a lovely coat of white paint and some chalkboard paint/wood.  Hopefully without the girls seeing it.


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AsteropeBC said...

How cool to find what you were looking for - and it was the crib you and your siblings used :)

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