Mothers Day Gifts and Craft Ideas for Kids

 This is your friendly reminder that Mother's day is just around the corner.  Funny cause as I was preparing this post I kept thinking "Moms are the ones that read my blog...they won't be making themselves any gifts!"  But alas, I still did the post.  So you can "accidentally leave this blog post open on your computer so your husband will see it and "hopefully" get an idea or 2 on what to help your kids make for you! 

So here is a quick roundup of a few kids crafts that I found on the blogosphere this morning.  First off a few links with tons of craft ideas:

Mothers Day Crafts - Kids Books - Children's Activities and Crafts for Mother's Day

Then we all could use a cute bouquet for Mother's Day.  Especially if it comes in our favorite drink!
Handmade Website
Or a candy bar bouquet?
The little ones could draw your faces:
Bitsy Creations
First Grade a la Carte~put the things they love about their mom on the stems or a job they will do for Mom
I Can Teach My Child Footprint Art
For more Mothers Day Craft Ideas visit my Mothers Day Pinterest Board
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