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There is a little fast food restaurant here in town that is called Pickets Bambino. They serve bambinos, which are like pizza pockets but are made with scone dough.

They are really fun to make, my daughter loves it. They are quick and easy.

rhodes rolls (or homemade bread dough)
your favorite pizza toppings
pizza sauce (I like to use alfredo sauce because I am not a fan of tomato sauce)
oil to fry the bambinos in (you could also bake them, but I have never done it this way)

Roll out 2 rolls for each bambino. On one of the rolled out pieces of dough make sure that there are no holes in the dough but also make sure that it is really thin. Then put your favorite toppings (make sure to keep about a 1/2 inch of the edge of dough free from toppings) and then a tablespoon or so of your sauce. Then put your other piece of dough on top of your toppings and pinch the edges together. Fry your bambino in your oil until brown.

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