Glass Cupboard to a Picture Display

This is the Picture Display that I shared with on +UCreate blog a few weeks ago.  Thought I would share it with you all in case you missed it.  

Hi!  I am Bobbie and I blog over at I am Only 1 Woman and I have an Etsy Shop called A Vision to Remember.  I am the mom to 3 little girls that keep my life fun and eventful, and maybe even a little dramatic at times!

I love to refinish furniture and recently I redid a china Cabinet to store a little fabric in:

The only problem was I had 2 doors that I no longer needed and didn't know what to do with them for sure, until I had the idea to turn them into a picture display. 

So I went about painting them with my favorite paint sprayer.  I kept the original handles on the cupboards because I love the way they look, but I did spray pain them silver instead of the yucky old brass color.

Then I picked out the pictures that I wanted to use and placed them where I wanted them.

Then I used a few glue dots on each picture to secure the pictures down.

The first time I hung the pictures I used 2 nails and that did the trick for a few weeks until one of my daughters walked by and brushed the frame...Crash!!!  So then I bought some of the Command Strips that are like velcro and stuck those to the back of the frame and they work PERFECTLY! 

I just love how they came out!

Thanks so much Kari for letting me visit your blog! 


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