Pudding Cups-So Easy a 4 Year old Can Make Them

Pudding Cups-So Easy a 4 Year old Can Make Them
 My 4 year old daughter begged my husband and I, to let her make SOMETHING.  I finally relented and gave her a cookbook with lots of pictures in it to entertain her while we finished getting dinner ready.  After telling her for the upteenth time that we didn't have the right ingredients for whatever she was wanting to do, she settled on making pudding.
 Of course, she had no idea that we weren't making the REAL kind of pudding.  It was the good ol' J-E-L-L-O kind.  But she was happy anyways.

She felt so very accomplished, that she could pour the milk into the bowl with the powder.  Then stir til her heart was content (then let mom stir til it was really done).

I would say Disaster Averted with our Drama Queen.  It was a "Say Yes" kinda day, but with a little diversion too.

I got the cute little paper cups from Wholeport.

Plus the littlest one was happy:
Making pudding presentable in baking cups
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