Nautical Rag Quilt for Crib Bed

This is another fun quilt that I was able to make lately. It is a nautical themed one in Red, Navy Blue, Tan, and Seafoam Green.

It is definitely not your ordinary novelty themed quilt for a baby boy.  I love that it has a modern take on a very ordinary theme.

Nautical Themed Rag Quilt for Baby Boy for a Crib

Baby Receiving Blanket with Satin Binding in 10 Minutes Flat! The Quickest Receiving Blanket Ever

This is such a simple and quick quilt to sew!  It also is fairly inexpensive, depending on how expensive your fabric is that you have chosen to work with.

Plus, you can complete it in 10 minutes.  Seriously,  It is that quick.  That's what makes it the perfect baby shower gift for someone in a time crunch (like I always seem to be)

First you will need:
1 package of Satin Blanket Binding
1 Yard of Knit Fabric-Cut into 36" square

Sew the binding to the knit fabric.  There are a ton of really great tutorials and videos online of how to do binding.  Doing satin binding is a little bit easier than regular binding because you can sew both the top and the bottom on at the same time.  Satin binding has already been folded over perfectly and there is a nice crease down the middle.  So shove that crease all the way over to the edge of your knit fabric.  If you want you can use wonder clips, alligator hair clips, straight pins, or whatever else you use to secure your fabric in place.  Now top stitch that binding to your knit fabric. 
When you get to your corner, sew all the way to the edge, then pull your blanket out of the machine, and gently fold/crease your binding so that it will go down the next side of the blanket.  Make sure that your point on the outside of the blanket and the inside corner all line up. 

And now you are all finished and have an absolutely adorable baby quilt.  It really should be quick.  It really is the perfect last minute baby shower gift.  Quick, cost effective, and pretty darn cute!

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4th of July Ruffle Skirts to Show your Patriotism

Sill Face Ruffle Fabric Skirt and Shirt
I love sewing my girls matching outfits. Weird? I think so, but still its so much fun. Plus, in reality they are only going to want to match each other for a couple more years so I have to take advantage of it!

4th of July Girl Ruffle Skirts
4th of July Girl Ruffle Skirts
My Mother in Law is a die hard 4th of July fan.  She loves going to the parade,  she loves hosting a barbeque for the entire family, and she loves spending time with everyone.  The night before the 4th a couple years ago, I realized that the girls had nothing to wear.  So I decided to sew them up some skirts.  The pattern that I followed is a tutorial on my blog HERE and HERE
How to sew a ruffle skirt-4th of July Style
I did make a few changes though...I used fabric, so I needed to ruffle each piece of fabric.  I also used my serger to serge the bottom edges of each ruffled fabric. 

This the back view of the skirt
Back view of ruffle skirt-how to sew
I also made the shirts, because they had no white shirts without stains on them....any other moms out there run into this problem...all...the...time?!

For the shirts I used 2 inch white ruffle fabric.  I will be adding a tutorial on how I did that later on. 
4th of July shenanaginsRuffle Skirts after being sewn for the summer

The skirts all laid out after being completed. 
Daddy getting involved in sewing ruffle skirts

I am so grateful that I have been given the ability to sew for my girls.  They love every...piece...that I make for them.  I know that won't last forever, but I love it for now!
Patriotic Ruffle Skirts Sewing How to on A Vision to Remember

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Deer Silhouette Rag Quilt for Car Seat Tent

I love these cute Deer Silhouette Car Seat Tents.  I am not a hunter, my husband is, but I always try to avoid any and all hunting related decorating and clothing.  Camo....Not my think.  Deer heads on the wall (also known as Mounts {I Think}) definitely not included in my regular decor.

But this deer silhouette is definitely a favorite of mine.  I don't know why, but I just really like it!  So maybe there can be common ground between my husband and I with hunting.  Ok, probably not. 
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Deer Silhouette Rag Quilt by A Vision to Remember

How to Build a Chicken Coop From Pallets

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This winter my older girls decided that they wanted to raise chickens for real.  We had dabbled in raising chickens for laying eggs the year before and had a small 4-6 chicken coop and really enjoyed all the eggs that we got.  We also love that my oldest (9 years old) takes care of the chickens almost exclusively.  I don't have to worry too much about them except to remind her to feed/water them when she is doing her chores.  She has done an amazing job taking care of her pets.  So, when she asked if she could get more chickens and sell the eggs, we didn't hesitate.

Ruffle Shower Curtain by A Vision to Remember~Available in Many Different Colors

One of my favorite things to make are ruffle curtains. Ruffle Shower Curtains are no exception to that! They glam up an boring ol' bathroom in a jiffy!

Ruffle Shower Curtains come in many different colors.  

They are absolutely gorgeous and will brighten any bathroom.  Perfect for shower/tub combinations or standalone showers or even just to liven a lonely bathtub!  A Vision to Remember Curtains have you covered!

These are a few ruffled bathtub curtains that I have made (and many different colors are also available)

Each picture is linked to the listing where you can find out more information for each color of shower curtain

Floral Ruffle Shower Curtain