Adventures in Mochi Mochi Land Book Review of Knitted World Book

I'm not going to lie, when I was asked to review this book, I expected something totally different.  Seriously.  I expected another knitting book.  Fine, dandy.  Nothing special, Right?

Well, I was surprised when I opened this book

This book isn't just an instruction book on how to knit.  Or even how to knit cute little mini things.

Its a story book.

Its a story book about these cute little mini things. 

So based on it being a storybook, I handed the book over to my seasoned 9 year old avid reader.  She loved this book.  She read all of the mini stories.  I could see her laughing.  I could see her concerned for the characters.  She definitely enjoyed the cute little book

I mean, seriously, who wouldn't be drawn into a book full of all these cute little characters?

When she was done reading the entire book in 1 sitting, she immediately asked me if we could make these cute little figurines.  Sadly, I didn't have the supplies on hand to be able to make them but we will.  First piece that will be made....the donut!

If you want to purchase this book, its available on Amazon (this is an affiliate link, and I would make a very minimal amount, so maybe I could buy my girl the supplies so she can learn to knit <3 p="">
Amazon Link

Adventures in Mochi Mochi Land Book Review

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