Rag Quilt Pillow Sham Sewing Pattern

How to Sew a Rag Quilt

One of my favorite things to do is custom orders.  One of the custom things that I get requests for are pillows to match the quilts that I make.

Quickest...Simplest Pumpkin Pillow Ever. From Scratch!

It is so dark and dreary here. It has been so bright and warm and cheerful here that I have almost forgotten that Winter is coming. But sadly, that was just a dream. Now the rain is here and I needed something bright to warm up my living room. So this is what I made to chase the blues away.

How to make a throw pillow for fall by a vision to remember

How to Make Frozen Cookie Dough. It's the Simplest Way to have Fresh Cookies. No Joke

I love the cookies. Well.  At least most cookies.  I have 2 favorites.  Well, 3 technically.  The first is the cookie that I don't have to make.....

Ok.  Just Kidding.  Kinda.

Another one that I love are the Sugarhouse Cookies. They are Amazing!  I can't buy them, or I eat them all.  They are for sure my favorite ones out there that are store bought.  Along the same lines, there is a bakery local to me called Cocoa Bean.  They have ginourmous sugar cookies.  To say that I am in love....is an understatement.

I can't buy either cookie cause I horde them and don't share and I eat them ALL... Every. Single. One.

All By Myself.  {selfish much?!?}

 My 2nd favorite cookie are Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies.  I love them.....like a lot.

How to Make Frozen Cookie Dough by A Vision to Remember

Monkey Face Baby's First Birthday Cake Using Ingredients from Your Pantry. No Joke!

I am not a planner.  Not in the least.

Let me clarify.  I am not a planner for anything besides the essentials. 

Monkey Face Baby's First Birthday 9x13 Cake

Navy Vs Gray. Who is the Winner? Instagram vs Facebook. Don't Miss It!5203

It was an interesting week between Instagram and Facebook.

First off, let me give you a little background!