Easy Peasy Quilt Pattern. The Most Versatile Rag Quilt Pattern on the Planet!

There is just 1 rag quilt pattern you will ever need. No joke. Plus, its right here.

Easy Peasy Rag Quilt Pattern by A Vision to Remember

Make sure to click on the picture to take you to see more pictures of each of the quilt versions

PS...this is the final stop on the Easy Peasy Rag Quilt Pattern Blog Tour.  It comes with lots of different ideas on variations for the quilt....Plus a fun giveaway at the end.
Simple, Quick, and oh so versatile.

Its great for a baby boy needing a little manliness on his car seat:

Baby Boy Quilt with Sailboats Rag Quilt Blanket

It can also be used to make a matching elephant quilt and purse (purse pattern sold separately)
Matching Rag Quilt and Diaper Bag with Elephants blue, gray, green, for baby boy blanket

Or add Footballs to the quilt:
Red and blue football baby quilt by a vision to remember

Or you can add flower embellishments using this video of a matching pillow sham tutorial

Ruffle Flower Rag Quilt 3-d Baby quilt

Or add a little raw edge appliqued flowers on the quilt

Flower Applique Rag Quilt Pattern by A Vision to Remember

If you loved the first boat quilt, but needed a much larger quilt (toddler bed/throw size quilt), try this on for size:

Toddler Bed Bedding Rag Quilt Anchor Nautical Blanket sailboats and stars

Or even make an entire crib set with the pattern:

Ruffle Flower Rag Quilt Bumpers

You can even make a small doll blanket to match your bigger one

I've been asked by several people, how to sew together this quilt pattern.  

So if you were one of the ones that have asked, here you go:

The Easy Peasy Rag Quilt Pattern Video Tutorial

Today, is the last day on the blog tour, but make sure that you stop by each and every one of these blogs and check out their adorable versions!  You won't be disappointed!

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Connected by a Thread
Finns Door

Easy Peasy Rag Quilt Blog Tour

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