Zebra Girl Bedding Rag Quilt for Twin, Full/Double, Queen, and King Size

Don't let that snow deceive you!

Its pretty, for sure.

But only pretty to look at...


I'm freezing my butt off and remembering warm days not so long ago, and looking forward to meeting those days again.

Twin Size Bedding Purple and Black
But for now.  I am trying to teach myself to enjoy the snow.

Because even though, I am not a fan of being cold....

Snow brings with it a peace.

Custom Girl Bedding Sets by A Vision to Remember

Summer can't say that.

Summer is all about the hustle, and the bustle

Zebra Girl Bedding Set

Winter is a time to reflect and quiet. 

Girl Zzebra  Bedding
I need to remember that both are awesome for different reasons....
If I can just get over the "I'm so cold" stage
Purple and Black Bedding for Dorm Room Girl
If you are in this stage, like I am....one of these quilts might just do the trick for you.

Zebra Girl Bedding RAg Quitl for Twin Size Bed

To find out how you can purchase your very own Purple and Black Zebra Rag Quilt head on over to AVTRBoutique.com to find out more information.  


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