Jelly Roll Rag Quilt Pattern Ideas

Jelly roll rag quilts are a fun and easy project that can be made with a pre-cut jelly roll or by cutting your own strips. The ragged edges give the quilt a cozy, rustic look that's perfect for snuggling up on the couch. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best jelly roll rag quilt patterns that are sure to inspire you.k.

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Rail Fence Jelly Roll Rag Quilt The rail fence jelly roll rag quilt is a classic design that's easy to make and looks great in any color scheme. You'll need one jelly roll and some flannel to make this quilt.

The easy peasy rag quilt pattern is the perfect quilt pattern to use your jelly roll and fat quarter bundles together.

Sew girl rag quilt pattern uses a few jelly rolls which is a great quilt project to use up your scraps!

The rag quilt purse uses a few large blocks, but also some jelly roll strips too. Perfect for those random jelly roll strips leftover from other projects.

Chevron Jelly Roll Rag Quilt turned into a bag! Can be used to make a quilt as well.  The chevron jelly roll rag quilt is a modern take on a classic design.
Scrappy Jelly Roll Rag Quilt The scrappy jelly roll rag quilt is a great way to use up your leftover jelly roll strips.

 Jelly rolls on point rag quilt is a really fun scrap buster project. With quilted large squares for your to embroider, applique, or quilt your favorite designs.

In conclusion, jelly roll rag quilts are a fun and easy project that can be made in a variety of designs and color schemes. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced quilter, these patterns are sure to inspire you to create your own unique quilt. So gather your materials and get started on your next project!
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