Rosette Fabric Flowers from Scrap Material


In a world where sustainability and creativity go hand in hand, finding ways to repurpose scrap materials has become an exciting and rewarding endeavor. If you have a collection of fabric scraps lying around, gathering dust in a corner, why not transform them into stunning rosette fabric flowers? These exquisite blooms are not only eco-friendly, but they also add a touch of elegance to any accessory, garment, or home decor item.

Whether you're an avid crafter or simply looking for a fun and budget-friendly project, this step-by-step guide will take you through the process of creating your very own rosette fabric flowers. By upcycling these humble remnants, you'll give them a new lease of life while expressing your personal style and unleashing your creative flair. So gather your scrap materials, prepare your tools, and let's dive into the world of rosette fabric flower making!


  • pieces of scrap fabric about 2 inches wide. I used a lot of flannel and that made the flower thicker. If you are using more thin cotton fabrics then I would double them up. You will need enough fabric to make a 50 inch strip. A 50 inch strip of fabric will make a flower that is approximately 4 inches wide.
  • Hot glue gun
  • sewing machine or needle and thread
  • hair clip or pin for attaching the flower to

How to make Rosette Fabric Flowers from Scrap Material:

  1. Gather your fabric scraps or cut your fabric into strips. I used several different colors, but if you want the same color then you could cut a strip of fabric 2 inches by the width of your fabric. If you fabric is 45 inches then I would not worry about adding the extra 5 inches to it. Notice that my pieces of fabrics are not all the same width, some were a little wider and some were a little smaller. Remember it is a scrappy flower. Each of my scraps are anywhere between 4 inches long and 12 inches long. The ones that were longer than that I cut in half. If you are using cotton then I would double your fabric up for this part or use fabric that is 4 inches wide instead of 
  2. Sew the pieces of fabric together with right sides facing each other
  3. Continue to sew the pieces of fabric together until you have a long piece of fabric that is about 50 inches long. 
  4. Now take your long strip of fabric and fold it in half or roll it into a tub. It might be easier for you to put a small drop/line of glue along one edge of the strip to hold the fold/roll into place
  5. Roll the fabric strip onto itself. Imagine making a cinnamon roll. As you are rolling the fabric onto itself add a little glue here and there to hold the flower into place. You could even do a thin line of hot glue to make sure that it stays in place.
  6. Continue rolling until you get to then end of your fabric. With the last inch of the fabric strip roll it under tha last row that you made. Tuck the end into there so that it is hidden. Put a little dab of glue in there to hold it into place

  7. The possibilities are endless for what you can use this flower on.
    1. sew it onto your clothing for an accessory
    2. attach it to a purse, shoes, or other item of clothing
    3. glue a hair clip onto it and clip it into your hair
    4. attach it to a pin for a corsage
    5. Attach to a headband.

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