Wilton Princess Castle-Pink and Green with Fondant Girls Birthday Cake

Wilton Princess Cake set for my Daughters Birthday

Wilton Princess Cake set for my Daughters Birthday
 Yippee!  It only took me 2 afternoons to complete this small work of art.

pink and green princess castle cake
 They plastic towers and window and doors that you put onto your cake.  I used my Styrofoam cakes to make it. 
pink and green princess castle cake
I covered the cake in fondant and then used buttercream frosting to frost the rest.  

I put food coloring in a bag full of sugar and colored it pink for the cones on the towers.  Then I frosted the cones and rolled them in the sugar.

This cake was a ton of fun to make.  It was pretty funny to see everyone's relief that we wouldn't be eating the cake.  Instead we had angel food cupcakes with fresh strawberries and whipping cream.  The kids got some fun confetti lollipop cookies. 

butter cream frosting and fondat for princess castle birthday cake
Where to find the Castle Cake Set by Wilton (affiliate Link)

Marshmallow Fondant Recipe along with Butter Cream and Royal Icing Recipes and tips on how to use Fondant

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Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

This is so sweet Bobbie!! I love the cake - what a lucky little girl! :)

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