Quick and Easy Girl Twirl Skirts with PDF Download

Let me just start by say that I might just be the only person that LIKES church at 1 pm on Sunday.  It gives me time to do things I wouldn't normally do during the week that I REALLY like to do.

 For example....paint my toes (and all 3 girls).  I don't have the time or the energy during the week to do it, but because I have time to kill Sunday morning, I am able to take a little Me Time.

This Sunday morning was no different as we sat and listened to +KLCE Classy 97 and the Sounds of Sunday.  The girls asked me if I could make them new dresses for church.

Of course I can, but how do you make 3 little girls dresses, in under an hour?

Make them a twirl skirt with a wide elastic waistband.  Super Simple.  Super Quick.  But Most Importantly....Super Cute!

Of course, I was in such a hurry so I didn't take any pictures.  Sorry!

But seriously they are so easy to do that you will be making a million of them in no time.
I made this little infograph with the information for you to make your own.  They seriously are so simple!  If you would rather the PDF version you can go HERE to download it

Aren't my girls just the cutest! Seriously, in love with these 2.
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Anonymous said...

Too cute! And you made 3 before church????
Here from Sunday Features.
I gotta try this for my 2 yr old grand baby!! But not before church! Mine starts at 9 am!

seemesew84 said...

Cute skirts!

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