Potluck Fruit Trays and Veggie Trays

You don't have to only eat crappy food at your next potluck party! Why not try taking a veggie and fruit tray.  I personally like to try to eat some good for me food, and a lot of time potlucks aren't the best place to eat healthy food.  Why not take your own. These trays are what I took to the Super Bowl party that we attended. 

Potluck Fruit and Veggie Trays for a big Party Hit

You might think "no one is going to want to eat good food".  But I can tell you that all those people at the party all had some form of veggies and fruit on their plates.  Every. Single. One.  Out of those 3 trays, the only food that I brought home was the cauliflower, a little pineapple, and a little celery.  I knew the cauliflower would be left over.  It always is.  But my husband loves it so I brought it for him. 

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