Rag Quilt Style Nursing Cover Pattern - How to Sew a Nursing Cover Free Pattern

Rag quilts are one of the MOST versatile quilting methods.  I've been able to make nearly everything my heart has desired.  The Nursing Cover has been no exception.  A free pattern on how to make your very own rag quilt style nursing cover.  It is simple, and comes out absolutely gorgeous!

Free Pattern Nursing Cover with Boning

The pattern also includes instructions on how to sew in the boning so that you can peek at your little while nursing, but still keeping your goods nice and covered so you are comfortable

How to Sew a Nursing Cover with Boning Rag Quilt Style from A Vision to Remember

The pattern is also really easy to make wider or longer, by simply adding an extra row, or widening the sashing around the outside.

That is one reason I LOVE rag quilts.  They are soooo easy to edit and alter

Simple Baby Quilt Patterns for Nursing Cover Baby Shower Gift

The best part about this pattern....You guessed it (ok...you read it, but....whatevs)

The pattern is free for you to download! Perfect for you to make a bajilliion of these nursing covers for every stinking baby shower you get an invite to

Plus, when you can make this nursing cover/rag quilt in under 2 hours, thats what I call a Win!

Sewing Projects for Baby Showers Gifts

Download your free nursing cover pattern rag quilt style

Free Pattern Alert - Nursing Cover Pattern - Simple Nursing Cover

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