Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Creative Exchange Link Party #12

Welcome Back!  I am so excited to see what you have been working on this week.  Last week there were some really great links.

For the full link party you can find it HERE

the creative exchange link party

What we have been working on:

I used my upcycling skills to create a fabulous piece of family wall art. A little paint and vinyl are all you need!
upcycle old cabinet door to wall art

It is almost time for kids to start going back to school. Start a morning routine now to be prepared for those early mornings! Laura is sharing a free morning routine printable.


Amy is sharing a project that is near and dear to her heart. She created a beautiful hand painted mission sign for her boys.

We can't forget the important teachers in our children's lives. Kristy is sharing a fun printable to go along with your back to school treats.

Our readers are lucking out on the free printables today! Summer is sharing the most adorable See Ya Later Alligator print.

Party Rules: 
1. Link up to a specific post, not your homepage 
2. Please do not link up posts to promote giveaways, link parties or shops 
3. By linking up with the Creative Exchange Link Party, you are giving permission to any of us to feature your projects with a link back to you 
If you would like to be notified  each week by email when the party is live, enter your email below.  I will only use your email to let you know when the party is live and nothing else...Promise

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DIY Old Cabinet Door Upcycle to Family Room Wall Art Plus a Giveaway

I found this old cabinet door at the local Thrift Store +Deseret Industries a couple years ago.  I knew that I wanted to turn it into some kind of wall art.  So while I was painting I painted it orange.  Then I set it aside and found it a few months ago.  Have you ever done that?!?  Seriously,  sometimes I wonder if I will ever get all my projects done that I have already started on....

DIY Old Cabinet Door Upcycle to Family Room Wall Art

So I whipped out my mom's trusty ol +Silhouette America and found this this silhouette file to cut out the words.  For the turquoise top and bottom I used a design call "swirl" but I couldn't find the link to it...Sorry!

The Vinyl Colors that I used came from +Expressions Vinyl.  The gray is the medium gray interior color and then turquoise blue for the Scroll

DIY Old Cabinet Door Upcycle to Family Room Wall Art 

I ran into a couple problems while I was working on the vinyl part of this project.  First off, the transfer paper that I have was REALLY sticky (I bought it off of Ebay).  It didn't want to let go of the vinyl.  At first I thought that the vinyl wasn't sticky enough, but that wasn't the case.  

I recut the vinyl a second time, but this time I used Press and Seal instead of the transfer tape and it worked perfectly!  

I had also asked a few of my buddies over on Instagram and Facebook what they would recommend trying and most everyone said to do a layer of modge podge and then try adhering the vinyl.  I didn't work for me, but I think it would if your transfer tape isn't super sticky.  

I can't wait to get this beauty hung up next to my Clock in the next week or so.  I just need to find something to put on the other side of the clock opposite of this.  Any ideas?

DIY Old Cabinet Door Upcycle to Family Room Wall Art

Make sure to enter the giveaway below so that you have a chance to win $25 gift card to 

Also, you all get a nice little coupon code if you would like to go purchase some of this awesome vinyl from Expressions Vinyl.  It is avisiontoremember. 
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

#firstworldproblems: Double Tapping Facebook Photos

This happens to me Every...Single...Time I switch from +Instagram to +Facebook Official

Double Tapping Facebook Photos.  

Anyone else? Please say I'm not the only one! #firstworldproblems #instagram #facebok via Instagram

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Life of a Mom at Bedtime: A Vision to Remember Instagram feed

Have you ever been in this situation? Its bedtime and the little one doesn't want to go to sleep. She (in my case) is keeping the other kids awake so...what do you do?

This little stinker won't go to bed, but she is sure "trying" hard. #not #cantbemad #lookatthatface #toddler via Instagram

3-Tier Ruffle Skirt for Back to School: A Vision to Remember Instagram feed

Super cute 3-tier Ruffle Skirt for back to school. Remember on Sunday when I was sewing up a quick skirt for my 5 year old before church? 

Stay tuned next week for the tutorial on how to sew your own!

Finally got the pictures of the skirt off my camera and onto my phone. She loves the skirt! @rileyblakedesigns glasses fabric from their line geeky chic. #ruffleskirt #isew #kidsclothes #backtoschool via Instagram

Delilah Shirt Pattern Turned Maternity Shirt

Today I am participating in the Golden Rippy Delilah Shirt Blog Tour.  I was so excited to give this shirt a try because it looked roomy enough that I could use it as a maternity shirt.  I had my fingers crossed that it would work out and it did!

First off, a little about this pattern from my experience:
1. It was a quick sew.  It seriously only took me 1 hour to sew the shirt from start to finish.  That included me trying it on several times while sewing it to make sure it was going to work with a big ol belly

2.  I used my serger instead of sewing machine for assembling the shirt, except for the top stitching I did with my sewing machine.

3.  I originally cut out a medium, but then after fitting the first time I realized that it was WAY to baggy for my top and under my belly.  So ended up taking in under the arms and the waistband a couple of inches each.  I didn't compare it for sure, but I think they ended up being closer to an x-small in those areas. 

4.  I am always intimidated by adding the arm and neckline binding. I am always afraid that I am going to stretch the fabric too much, or not enough, but it turned out perfect.  There wasn't any funky parts to it at all.  Much to my relief!

5.  I made my shirt using +Riley Blake Gray Chevron Knit fabric.  It is so soft and comfy.  The best part is that it isn't a thin knit like a lot that you find around town and online.  Plus it has a ton of stretch to it.
A Few details from the designer:

Golden Rippy Patterns- Delilah Top for Ladies
The DELILAH top is a fun beginner knit top with half sleeves or short sleeves built in. The arm and hip bands can be made in a contrasting fabric for more fun. The drop sleeves and roomy fit mean that it’s super comfortable! You can make a pretty bow or choose to add some flowers. Get ready to make a closet full of them!
And if your little girl wants to match mommy, you can make her the matching Dahlia top in her size.
  • illustrated instructions
  • six sizes  XXS to XL
  • 2 sleeve lengths
  • 2 embellishment options
  • printing guide
  • pattern layout guide
  • grainlines
  • 28 page PDF pattern download to make the top
  • fabric yardages for 45″ and 60″ widths
  • pattern pieces with seam allowances
  • professionally designed and graded pattern

Now make sure to enter in the Rafflecopter Giveaway below for your chance to win this (or any other pattern from Golden Rippy)+

Prize Package
Two winners will each win: 2 Patterns of your choice from Golden Rippy

The Contest Rules:
You must be 18 to enter.
You can gain entries by entering the Rafflecopter Prompts.
Giveaway ends: 8/6/14 at midnight PST.
Two winners will be chosen and announced on 8/7/14.

If you want to see what everyone else has done with the Delilah Shirt Pattern make sure to stop by Golden Rippy Blog to follow along the next 2 weeks!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunday Sewing: Ruffle Skirt in the Making

Who doesn't love a little geeky chic on a little girl?  My middle girl loves skirts and dresses and refuses to wear pants. A cute little ruffle skirt is always in order, right?!?

geekly chic 3 tier ruffle skirt for girls

So a little sunday morning sewing was in order. #latergram #ruffles +Riley Blake  via Instagram

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Upside of Being 31 Weeks Pregnant

Remember the other day when I wrote about the downside to being pregnant during the 3rd trimester in the Summer?  Well now I am here to tell you that I can find the silver lining.

Seriously, the biggest upside to being 31 weeks pregnant is that I am FINALLY in single digits for the countdown in weeks. Can I get a hallelujah!

I may not be the cutest little pregnant person around.  My belly is more the shape of one of those long huge watermelons, and not a little basketball.  Oh well!  I didn't get to pick my shape I am just embracing it, while I ride a bike, in cute leggings.

Why you ask?!?  Cause I can.  And because I can now brag that I can still ride my bike 2 1/2 miles while 31 weeks pregnant.

oh and ps I got my cute leggings (and 5 other pairs that I wear E...Very...Day) from +PickYourPlum

Friday, July 25, 2014

Family Game Night: A Vision to Remember Instagram feed

Board games, card games, any kinda games is all my 2 older girls want to play.  Its a good thing that I don't mind one bit! 

This time it was a good ol game of Sequence. 

PS.  I don't let my 8 year old win, but finally she beat me yesterday and man was it one of the happiest days of her life.  lol

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Downside to Summertime 3rd Trimester Pregnancy

I really don't have much that I can complain about when I am pregnant. I haven't ever thrown up. I've never had a complication. I've never even had a long labor. (my fingers are crossed and I knocked on wood so I hopefully didn't just jinx myself!)

But the one thing that kills me is that my hips don't seem to be able to handle carrying a baby very well.  They ache, they burn, they just plain ol give out when I am walking. 

So right now, today, for Throw Back Thursday I reminisce of other summertimes in the past where I have been able to take these cute girlies (even if they have bed head) on walks down the railroad tracks, through the grain fields. 

I remember that once, not so long ago, I became a runner.  Even if I was slow, at least I could run.

1 month ago I was showing my girls how to do a cartwheel.  Today, I don't even dare attempt one.  Not because I think my 30 week ol belly will be in the way, but I am worried, my hips won't be able to handle it. 

Today, I remember how much easier it was to be pregnant all winter long and have spring time babies.  I remember why I have always sworn that I will never have a baby in the summer or in the fall. 

But today, even though just want to go for a good long walk/run, I am so very grateful that I have been able to have 3 very healthy beautiful girls, and to carry another baby.  This time a boy.

I am grateful for the chance to be a mom, even if it is not pleasant to bring those kids into the world!  

#tbt to when I could actually go for a walk (or a run, or do a cartwheel, or do pretty much anything but sit). #cantwaittohavethisbaby #30weeks #throwbackthursday via Instagram

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