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Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Creative Exachange Link Party

Welcome! Welcome Back!

Can't wait to see what you have to link up this week

The Creative Exchange Link Party for blog links with DIY, Recipes, Crafts, Sewing, and Organization Projects
Now to the party! The features this week are SO fun!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Skittles Inspired Ruffle Curtain Valance on A Vision to Remember

I love ruffle valances. They are cute and have a huge impact on a room. This on that I just completed is a +Skittles inspired valance.  Can't you taste the rainbow?

Instead I made the 1 panel and I made it a couple inches wider than the window.  This particular curtain is for a customer so it was made for their window.  

If it was for my window I would have made it a couple inches wider.  I prefer over sized valances.  
If you would like to purchase your own valance you can go to my Etsy Shop A Vision to Remember

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Spray Painted Mirrors from Family Dollar for Instant Wow


I have been in desperate need of color in my living room.  I was tired of the blah brown with warm orange.  No spark, no brightness, no color.  Just blah blending into blah.

So when I found 3 little black plastic mirrors +Family Dollar I knew I was in luck.
Spray Painted Mirrors from Family Dollar for Instant Wow

A little turquoise, a little gray, and a little brighter orange definitely to the rescue.

I know these aren't the original frames, but they are very similar.  Just to give you an idea.  
plastic mirror frames
To paint over the mirror part I used painters tape and taped down the brown kraft paper onto the mirror.  It worked great!

The only hard part to spray painting these mirrors was getting into all the nooks and crannies, but after a little patience and several layers I finally got it all covered.  

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Twin Size Ruffle Flower Rag Quilt in Hot Pink, Turquoise, Purple, and Lime Green

This last week I was able to make this gorgeous rag quilt for a customer. I am absolutely in love with it.

Here is the picture of before the quilt was clipped to make all the seams ragged and fluffy:

ruffle flower rag quilt in hot pink, turquoise, lime green, and purple before being clipped and washed

The beginnings of the flowers:
Ruffle flower for the beginning of a rag quilt
To purchase your own quilt you can go to my Etsy Shop (A Vision to Remember)

To make your own ruffle flower rag quilt:
Ruffle Flower Rag Quilt Pattern on Etsy
Ruffle Flower Rag Quilt Pattern on Craftsy

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Importance of Making Memories with the Ones You Love

The other day when I was watching the show Scorpion on NBC, I was struck by what one of the characters said. "Make as many memories as you can because at the end of the day you never know which ones you will keep." So go out, make a memory with the ones you love.
make as many memories with the ones you love because at the end of the day you never know which ones you will keep free printable

Monday, February 9, 2015

How to Make Giant Lollipops with Balloons

For a party I needed to make large giant lollipops for decoration. I needed something that didn't cost very much, but would make a large impact for very little money. Enter the Giant Lollipops made from balloons, dowels, and clear plastic wrap (cellophane)

How to make large lollipops using dowel, cellophane, dowels, and ribbon.  Easy Peasy Tutorial

All I did was take balloons.  Blew them up. 

Then stapled the end of the balloon to painted dowels.

 Then I took large square pieces of cellophane and wrapped them around the balloon and tied with a pretty ribbon.

Easy Peasy!  Right?

Friday, February 6, 2015

Colorblocked Lime Green and Yellow Ruffle Curtain

I had a special request to make a custom colorblocked curtain with lime green and white ruffles. I was excited to do this curtain. I am always looking for a new challenge!

Colorblocked Lime Green and Yellow Ruffle Curtain

I love the way that it turned out.  The colorblocked lime green section is about in the middle of the curtain.  It also includes a 2 inch rod pocket. 

Isn't it darling.

To purchase your own colorblocked curtain please visit my Etsy Shop.  

I can also customize the colors if you would like. 

For example, I have done a yellow and white:
White and Yellow Ruffle Curtain Valance

Or a Gray and Hot Pink one:
Gray and Hot Pink Colorblocked Ruffle Curtain Valance

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Creative Exchange Link Party

Hello talented party people! Welcome to our fab Creative Exchange Link Party! Hopefully you are here to link up with us and share your latest projects. If not, that's ok too! Stick around and check out what has been going on around blog land.
The Creative Exchange FB Logo
Before we get to the party, let's see our features from last week. You are all so talented and we love that you share and inspire us every week at the Creative Exchange. Thanks for linking up with us!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Plus Rag Quilt Pattern Giveaway

Want to enter to win one of these gorgeous Plus Rag Quilt Patterns?  Head on over to my Instagram and enter. 

Plus Rag Quilt Pattern Giveaway

So excited to announce the official release of the #plusquilt pattern! Do you want to win your own copy and one for a friend? Like this picture and tag a friend to be entered to win a copy of the #ragquilt pattern. #giveaway #avisiontoremember via Instagram

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Pattern Release: Plus Rag Quilt Sewing Pattern

I am so excited to announce the release of my latest pattern. The Plus Rag Quilt. 
plus rag quilt pattern for sewing

I  love how it turned out!  I love the black and white but I can't wait to see what you create using the pattern. 

Plus rag quilt in black and white

All done with the plus quilt.

The quilt is also available for sale HERE

plus rag quilt all sewn and ready to be clipped

PS for the rest of this week the Plus Quilt pattern will be 50% off for $4.

Thanks so much for your support!
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