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What Fabric Do I Use for Rag Quilts

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I think the question that I receive the most about rag quilts is: What type of fabrics do you use?

The answer is: basically anything that will fray....

Your next question I know is: How do I know if a fabric will fray?

Answer: on the bolt of fabric it will say something like 100% cotton or quilters or flannel.

I like to use 100% cotton fabrics because they fray the best. Some of the solid fabrics that I use do have polyester in them. The polyester in fabrics will keep the fabric from fraying.

Minky is a favorite fabric for baby blankets because it is so soft. Go ahead and use it in rag quilts if you want the softness. Just keep in mind that it will not fray. The same thing with fleece. It makes a blanket really soft but it will not fray.

Here is the lowdown on the fabric I use:
I mix and match fabrics. I basically use anything that is quilt worthy for the blankets. I use a lot of broadcloth (some of it has some polyester in it), flannel (mostly from Joanns), and 100% cotton fabric.

Where do I purchase my fabric? I purchase from 4 places for 75% of my fabric. They are Home Fabrics which is a discount fabric store for fabrics that were overprinted or have problems with it), Joanns, Walmart (our walmart has a small fabric section and I purchase flannel there that I cannot find at Joanns), and Hobby Lobby (be careful at hobby lobby if you want fabric that frays because their really CUTE fabric most likely has polyester in it).

The remainder of the fabric I purchase is at quilt shops, but their fabric is pricey compared to the other stores. Their fabric is to die for. So when I find fabric at these shops that I just have to have, I try and find coordinating fabrics from the other stores. That I don't break the bank so to say.

Let me know if you have any questions. Where are your favorite places to shop for fabric online and off? I would love to know


Diane@InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Bobbie-
I saw the letters you did on Making the World Cuter. I just love them, what a clever idea. I like the color you painted them too. They are divine.

Tiff @ Making The World Cuter said...

Thanks for the tips!

Donna said...

Can I use batik for a rag quilt? I've heard it doesn't fray well...

Donna said...

Can I use batik in a rag quilt? I've heard it doesn't fray well...

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