Ruffle Dresses 3 Different Ways

 For St Patrick's day my girls requested that I make matching skirts and dresses.  Of course everyone had a different style in mind.

Ruffle fabric is seriously the easiest fabric to work with.  I think the 2 little girls dresses took me less than 20 minutes each to complete.  The oldest wanted a dress instead so I had to do a little more on hers.  It has sleeves that I totally forgot to take pictures of, but you can see kinda what I did HERE (but I didn't cross them in the back).  I sewed a tube for the body part and then for the sleeves I cut pieces that went from below her collar bone to where I wanted it to hit her on her back.  It was about 8 inches long with the seam allowance.  They were about 6 inches wide.  Then I folded the top of the tube dress over and made a casing for a 1/4 inch elastic.  Threaded the elastic through, then had her put the dress on to see where to pin the sleeves. Then I just top stitched them in place in the same place that I sewed for the casing.  It really was simple...

For the middle daughters dress I used 3 inch elastic and then I did the ruffle going vertical instead of horizontal (same as mine).

For the baby I did the ruffles going horizontal.

And of course my husband and daughters didn't think it appropriate for me to go to church without a matching skirt. But sadly, I didn't think a ruffle tie would look very good with the hubby's suit, lol

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