Mod Circle Quilt Pattern

I have had this design in mind for awhile now but just barely had the time to get it down on paper and then all sewn up.

I made this quilt for me, but as soon as it was done my 18 month old took it and has never let me have it back.  Funny little girl.  She tries to drag it with her wherever she goes.

It measures 50x50 and is made with a combination of cotton and flannel fabrics on the front, and minky on the back.  The hot pink zebra print fabrics have been pleated to give the quilt some texture.  Also the circles have all been raw edge appliqued.  The back is super soft minky fabric.  I love it :)

I quilted this blanket as a quilt as you go quilt (which means you can quilt the blanket as you are sewing it together.)  2 steps in 1!  Making it a super quick and fun quilt to make. 

The quilt pattern is available HERE.  I am also going to be including the instructions to make a car seat tent to match this adorable blanket. 


Sunbeam Primary Talk-Jesus Birth

My 4 yr old gave a talk in Primary yesterday.  So I had her tell me about the birth of Jesus.  As she was telling me about him I wrote it down.  Then I googled all the keywords and found corresponding pictures so she could do her talk by herself.  I left this talk in Word so that you can edit it if you would like.  To find the talk please go HERE or click on the picture and print it. 

This is the 2nd talk that she has given.  To find the first go HERE


12 days of Christmas Countdown Quilt. Advent Calendar

Finally!  The Advent Rag Quilt is Finished!  Yippee :)
I used the Easy Peasy Rag Quilt Pattern.  
Instead of cutting out the squares as directed I cut out trapezoids.  They measured 9 inches on 2 sides, then the short side was 9 inches and the long side was 14 inches.  It made the pockets pretty big.  I think next time I make a quilt like this I will do it 9x9x9x12 instead. 

Then on each trapezoid I cut out these adorable vintage fabric snowmen that I received from a church swap. 
For the numbers I cut them out of fabric with my cricut keystone cartridge. 
Then I sewed along the top of each trapezoid so that it would fray.
Then I sewed it together like usual except I did not sew the top of the trapezoid in with the other fabrics so that it would create a pocket.
Here are all the cut outs that my husband and I colored the other day
On the back I wrote what we are doing on that particular day.

My daughter asks me every day if we are going to start with the countdown blanket.  She is so excited for it.


Part 1 of 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar

I showed you all a Glimpse at the 12 days of Christmas countdown quilt that I made for my daughter.  My plans were to reveal it to you all today but sadly the weather has just not allowed for pictures being taken outside the last couple of days.  So you will just have to deal with a part of our calendar.

To get ready for the 12 days of Christmas I printed off THESE pictures (they are numbers 5-7)  The picture above is taken from that website.  Head on over there and print your own off.

I printed them off onto cardstock, had my husband help me color them (I am not an Artsy craft person, more like a sewing crafts person), and then I figured out what we were going to do each of the 12 days.  I have a scripture to read and also a Jesus movie to watch (we have lots of the living scripture dvds) every one of those days.  Then we also have something to do or something to learn about (like make a present for dad, what do bells symbolize at Christmas time, etc).  I will go into more detail when I show you the pictures of the finished product.    

Then I cut out each piece (I ended up printing off extra of the camel and sheep so I would have 12 big objects) and laminated them.

Even though the 12 days of Christmas hasn't officially started yet, I took the nativity scene to church and let the girls tape them to the back of the pews.  It kept them entertained.  The kids in nursery loved sticking them to the walls later.  So there are so many ways to use this fun little nativity. 


Rag quilt Christmas Stocking

Christmas is my favorite time of they year.  I love the smells, the colors, but most importantly the feeling.

I love to sew and this year I decided to sit down and create my baby her very own stocking. 

 Throughout this pattern please use a 1/2 inch seam

Here is how I made it:
1. Cut out 48 strips of coordinating fabric.  Each strip needs to measure 9 inches by 2.5 inches
2. Now take each strip of fabric and place sandwich 2 on top of each other with wrong sides together.  So now you will have 24 fabric sandwiches.
3.  Take 2 of the sandwiches and place them together.  Sew down the long side of the fabric sandwich.
4.  Repeat with 10 more fabric sandwiches.
5.  You will now have a rectangular piece of fabric.
6.  Now make another rectangular piece of fabric with the remainder pieces of fabric
 7. Lay your 2 rectangles on top of each other with wrong sides together.
8.  Take a stocking that have already and lay it down on top of your fabric and cut out the shape. (if you need a little more width just add a piece of fabric where you need it)
8.  Now sew those 2 pieces of fabric together around the outer edges BUT NOT THE TOP.  You will be sewing 4 pieces of fabric together at the same time
 9. Cut out a piece of fabric that measures 4 inches by 1 inch.  This will be the hoop to hang your stocking up with.
11. Sew down both long edges of the piece of fabric.  Stick the short ends of the piece of fabric in between the sandwiched fabric at the top of the stocking. 
12.  Sew around the top of the stocking.  You will be sewing 2 layers of fabric together.
13.  Now take some short blade scissors and cut all the raw edges of your stocking.
14.  Wash and dry the stocking.
15.  Enjoy!

Christmas Stocking available HERE


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