Elephant Crib Bedding Ideas


Are you looking for a heirloom-quality elephant crib bedding ideas to add to your nursery? Look no further. A Vision to Remember (also known as AVTRBoutique) offers handmade, heirloom-quality baby quilts and crib sets in our studio in Idaho and ship nationwide.

The elephant bedding can be purchased as a crib size rag quilt only or as a crib set that includes the rag quilt, crib skirt, and fitted crib sheet. The baby rag quilts for sale are made with two layers of fabric: a solid quality soft flannel, and a mixture of cotton fabrics on the top. The exposed ragged seams are clipped before washing. The quilt will be washed once to begin the ragging process.

Baby elephant nursery bedding is made in many color combinations including our favorite light pink and gray for a soft and fun addition to your nursery! Other baby girl crib bedding available in our shop include baby quilts, big kid and adult throw and bedding, or elephant crib bedding and accessories!

Girl nursery bedding can be purchased as a crib size rag quilt only or as a crib set that includes crib size rag quilt, crib skirt, and fitted crib sheet. The exposed ragged seams are clipped before washing. The quilt will be washed once to begin the ragging process.

Baby rag quilts for sale are made with 2 layers of fabric. A solid quality soft flannel, and a mixture of cotton fabrics on the top.

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Check out all of the elephant crib bedding ideas in our etsy shop or website.  

Have you Ever...Wanted to Make A Rag Quilt Pillow?

Heres your chance to create your very own rag quilt pillow sham. We are creating it in a throw size pillow (16")


The simple instructions and cutting pieces are included in the video

Follow along as we create a rag quilt throw pillow sham to coordinate with our famous sports crib bedding

Of course if you don't want to create your own, we can help you create the perfect nursery for your little man. 

The pillow sham fits a 16" pillow form. Don't want to make your own? Check out our Etsy shop

Sewing a throw pillow with an appliqued football can be a fun and creative way to show your love for football. In this blog post, we will explore a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a rag quilt style pillow with an appliqued football on it.

First, let's gather our supplies. You will need:

For more information on our favorite sewing products visit our post about 10 essential sewing tools for beginners

Step 1: Cut the fabric from the pattern

To create the rag quilt style, you will need to cut the fabric. You can use any fabric you like, but a flannel  will give the pillow a cozy feel.

Step 2: Arrange the fabrics

Arrange your fabrics in a pattern that you like. You can mix and match different colors and patterns to create a unique look.

Step 3: Create the football applique

To create the football applique, draw a football shape on a piece of paper. Cut out the shape and trace onto brown fabric. Cut out the football shape from the fabric place on the backing fabric you have chosen for the pillow. Stitch around with an 1/4 inch seam allowance leaving a raw edge seam.

Step 4: Sew the fabrics together

Sew using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. We use fabrics from AVTRFabrics.com

Step 5: Clip the exposed seams

Once you have attached the football applique, clip the exposed seams with your favorite scissors the edges of the pillow to create a frayed look.

And there you have it - a cozy throw pillow with a football applique in a rag quilt style! This project is perfect for football fans and can be customized to any team's colors. Have fun creating your own unique pillow and show off your love for football.



Rag Quilt Style Womens Apron Pattern

One of our favorite patterns at AVTR is the rag quilt style women's apron. 


This patchwork style apron sewing pattern is for women. It was originally designed as part of a quilt line for home and can be used with any cotton fabrics. The finished dimensions are approximately 40 inches across the bottom edge and 30 inches in length from top to bottom hemline.

We recently had a wonderful custom return and ask if we could make her 7 breast cancer themed aprons as gifts for Christmas. 

We picked some fun and beautiful custom printed fabrics from Spoonflower

The apron is a fun and unique gift idea for Christmas, Birthday's, Mother's Day, and just because

The apron pattern is full of tips and tricks on how to complete your very own apron.

The ties are extra long so that it fits many different body shapes and sizes.
The apron is also easily customized for adults and children. We simply adjusted the number of squares in the apron!
It seriously is the cutest little apron for your little ones too

To make the apron, you will need:

To make the apron, you will need:

  • The apron pattern.

  • Fabric. As described on pattern cover at bottom of blog post

  • Sewing machine with straight stitch capability. If you have any concerns about your machine's ability to handle sewing curves (only for the scallop bottom edge), please test it before beginning this project!

  • Matching thread. I recommend using cotton thread because it won't snag easily when turning corners when topstitching.

  • Rag quilt scissors . These scissors have blunt tips so they don't slip and slide as much when cutting through layers of fabric like denim or twill.* Rotary blade , cutting mat , ruler highly recommended!

Sewing machine and matching thread

The first step to making a great apron is to get your sewing machine ready. You'll need:

  • A sewing machine. Any general-use sewing machine will work, but if you want something that's extra durable, opt for an industrial-strength model.

  • Needles and thread that match your fabric type (most often polyester). We recommend using the same brand of both so that your stitches won't unravel—and make sure they're compatible with your sewing machine!

  • A walking foot attachment (recommended). This will help keep the layers from shifting during stitching and prevent uneven seams from forming where you don't want them to be!


This is a patchwork style pattern for women wanting to reproduce the style for themselves

The apron pattern is easy to follow, and the instructions are clearly written. You can easily modify this pattern to fit your own size and style. The fabric requirements are listed at the top of each page.

If you have any questions about this pattern, don't hesitate to contact me!


This is a patchwork style pattern for women wanting to reproduce the style for themselves. Sewing machines can be purchased from many sources, including local fabric and craft stores as w

Helpful links:

Rag Quilt Seam Allowances

Best Fabrics for Rag Quilts

Best Gift ideas for Seamstresses

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Make a Rag Quilt with Cotton Fabric

Rag quilts are so much fun to make! They're easy and quick, plus you can customize them for any occasion. 

At AVisionToRemember (AVTRBoutique too!), we make hundreds of rag quilts each year. We've been creating quilts since 2009. That is over 13 years of experience. So crazy

But throughout that time we have learned a lot!

One of those things is that cotton fabrics are one of our favorite materials to use in a rag quilt. 

But first a little about rag quilts:

Rag quilts are also known as comfort quilts, raggedy quilts, or raggy quilts.

Rag quilts have been around for a long time. They were first made by poor people who didn’t have much money to spend on fabric but still wanted to use it up in a creative way.

Rag quilt designs can be very simple or very elaborate depending on how you piece them together. Some rag quilters like to use different types of fabric scraps while others prefer using only one type so that the design can stand out more clearly against the background color.

Using a rag quilt pattern gives you guidelines for how to piece together the blocks for your project.

If you’re an experienced quilter and want to make your own rag quilt, use a rag quilt pattern. Rag quilts are usually made from cotton fabric and scraps of various sizes, shapes and colors. They can be pieced together using any technique you choose (straight line, half-square triangle or whatever). The only thing that matters is that the pieces are cut in such a way as to create randomness in the finished product.

To get started on your rag quilt, purchase or download one of these patterns:

How to Make a Cotton Rag Quilt

  • Use a rag quilt pattern.

  • Choose cotton fabric for the quilt top. I personally prefer cotton as it doesn't pile, it doesn't fade as quickly as flannel either. I also use flannel fabric for the quilt backing. But, if you'd prefer to use flannel as your middle layer, and cotton as the back that works awesome as well!

    Quilt using cotton top, flannel batting, and flannel backing.

    Front of quilt using cotton fabric, flannel batting, and cotton backing

    Back of quilt using cotton fabric, flannel batting, and cotton backing.

  • You can use any type of thread to sew the quilt together—sewing machine or hand sewing is fine!

Take some time to plan out your quilt before you start cutting and sewing.

To begin with, you should know that the size of your quilt can be determined by how much fabric you want to use. How big do you want it? The smallest rag quilts are around 30 inches square and the largest are king size.

But don't let the word "rag" scare you away from using modern cotton fabrics! Rag quilts were traditionally made out of scraps, but there's no reason why they can't be made with beautiful new materials like these modern ones available in our fabric shop

So there you have it! Rag quilts are easy to make and fun to use. They’re a great choice for anyone who wants to try their hand at sewing, because they don’t require any fancy stitches or special skills—just some basic needlework skills and a little patience. You can use them just about anywhere as added decoration or even as blankets on cold nights. We hope these tips helped you get started on your own homemade rag quilt project!

Make sure to checkout all of our rag quilt tutorials on our blog

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Sports Rag Quilt Pattern on AVTRBoutique.com

If you're a beginner in the world of sewing and looking for a project that's both simple and versatile, the Sports Baby Rag Quilt is an ideal choice. With its instant download pattern, this quilt can be easily stitched together in just a few hours. Not only is it a great learning experience, but it also provides room for creativity, allowing you to create various sizes from doll quilts to king-size quilts.

This Sports Baby Rag Quilt Pattern - Instant Download blanket is so easy to sew and a great blanket for the beginner. It can be whipped up in just a few hours. This is one of my favorite patterns to sew because I can use the same basic building block in this quilt to make anything from a doll quilt to a kind size quilt and everything in between.

How it's made:
Sport Baby Rag Quilt Pattern - Instant Download...You simply cut squares, rectangle, and appliques; sew the applique onto the quilt (very simple, I promise), sew the the fabric together, and then clip and wash for your rag quilt!

 The Sports Baby Rag Quilt pattern is an excellent choice for beginners due to its simplicity and adaptability. With this pattern, you can create a wide range of quilt sizes, from doll quilts to king-size masterpieces. By following the step-by-step instructions, you'll be able to sew a charming sports-themed quilt that's perfect for gifting or for adding a touch of personality to any room. Enjoy the process of creating this versatile and beginner-friendly project. Happy sewing!

Pattern available at several locations for your convenience




More rag quilt pattern ideas on our blog


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Round Weaving Looms for Beginners

A fun and simple craft project for young and old alike! In the video you will see a 35 year old and a 8 year old completing the project. 


Weaving looms are relaxing and fun craft project

The wooden loom is also paintable and perfect as a gift/activity for birthday partys, stocking stuffer, or just cause you're stuck at home. Plus, when you're done looming, you can use the cute loom as a decoration OR cut the string and start over using other yards. Your only limitation is your imagination...so the possibilities are endless.

 To purchase your very own loom head on over to our shop AVTRBoutiqueImage HTML map generator

Wooden Lacing Toy by AVTRBoutique.com

Christmas is just around the corner.  Once the kids start school it seems like it pops up way before I am ready
You too?

So if you're in the same boat as I am, 
and if you have children check out these fun lace up game toys

We have a wide variety of toys. Including bees,

Construction Lace Up Toys


Princess Lace Up Toy

Christmas Themed Lace Up Toys

Sports Lace Up Toys

Cars Lace Up Toys

Unicorn Lace Up Toys

 The lace up toys are also paintable. Watch as our in house painters try their hand at painting the farm set

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Favorite 10 Rag Quilt Patterns

Rag quilting is a fun, and unique way of creating a quilt. 
The quilt top, batting (optional), and quilt back are all sewn together at the same time
Sports Rag Quilt Pattern

Here at A Vision to Remember we love to design new patterns. 

I love creating patterns that are out of the box


and fun!

Easy Peasy Rag Quilt Pattern

Not only do we make quilt patterns, but also apron patterns!

So much fun and different

Apron Rag Quilt Pattern

They are also quick projects. Create an entire quilt in an afternoon!

Addy Mae Rag Quilt Pattern

Sewing is therapy and helps me to use my creative powers to make something that brings joy

Log Cabin Rag Quilt Pattern


Rag quilts can bring a big punch.

Ruffle Flower Rag Quilt Pattern


All of the quilt patterns are available in our shop AVTRBoutique.com

Star Rag Quilt Pattern

Our newest released rag quilt pattern uses 10 inch squares

10 Inch Square Rag Quilt Pattern

Even flags can be created using a rag quilt pattern

Flag Quilt Pattern

Even free patterns!

Strip Rag Quilt Pattern


Click on any of the pictures for a direct link to our shop
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Baseball is America's Sport. Or so I've heard. 
We just got finished up with baseball and softball for our kiddos
So baseball is on the brain and we wanted to share with you our favorite baseball baby blanket and how it was sewn.


Our favorite classic quilt for boys would have to be the sports rag quilt in navy blue and gray, but we love just as much when we have a special request to change the colors

 A quick video on how to sew the Easy Peasy Rag Quilt Pattern by A Vision to Remember. It also includes a fun variation on the pattern by adding raw edge appliqued baseballs, baseball mits, and baseball bats.


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