Memorizing Scriptures: Doctrine and Covenants 76
One of our goals the last couple years is to memorize important scriptures and quote. I’m going to start sharing them in hopes that it might help someone else with their goals and to keep them organized for me

The memorizing sheets include the entire scriptures, some words left out with the first letter remaining, and then the first letter remaining for each word. 

This scripture is from Doctrine and Covenants 76:40-42 and talks about the gospel and the purpose of it. Christ Died for our sins so that we can be saved. So grateful for this knowledge. 

The Doctrine and Covenants is a book of scripture for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was compiled by Joseph Smith and is revelations and commandments given to Joseph Smith from our Savior, Jesus Christ.

How to Sew Using Large Thread Cones at Home---needs written

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If you love sewing and are looking to complete large projects, use the same color of thread often, or are going to start a business or have a small home business, buying large cones at home can be more economical than purchasing smaller packages. Make sure you use quality thread so that it lasts longer. We love our cone tower from Amazon because it is metal so it won't break easily if you move your machine, take it to classes or put away. 

If you're interested in sewing, you probably already know that thread is a huge part of any successful project. The right thread can be the difference between an average-looking garment and one that really stands out! We sew the most with gray, white, and black.

Using a cone tower makes it possible to use large cones on sewing machines at home

We love this cone tower on amazon. The base is metal, and the stand is also metal. So it doesn't easily break.

We have used a plastic on in the past and if you ever move your machine, put it away, or take it to classes, I would definitely not recommend it. However it is a lot cheaper and lighter.



We recommend only purchasing cones if you will use them. Thread will break down overtime, several years. But if it is quality thread, it takes a lot longer. Investing in better thread will make a huge difference.

We have bought many different brands and types of thread over the years, some haven't held up and break easily and others are still great to sew with after 12 years of sewing.


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Peloton vs Indoor Trainer | Non Professional Review from a Cycling Enthusias

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I have loved to bike for as long as I can remember.  As a child I would often ride with my siblings all over the farm. Down the gravel road. And where ever else our hearts desired. 

As an adult, I would often be found riding my semi nice standard bike. You know the one...with the knobby tires, but not a mountain bike. I would pull my kids around the Greenbelt in our town. It was my favorite exercise. 

Because it didn't seem like exercise

More recently, I am a lover of cycling. It is a favorite past time of mine over the last 8 years. 

I was lucky enough to find a real road bike on a great ebay deal. It was my first Specialized bike

It was used.

But I didn't care. 

But every fall, as winter would approach, I would dread figuring out how to exercise indoors. 

For a couple of years, I did a CrossFit style workout at a small local gym. It was pretty much personal training with an amazing friend. 

It was hard. But it was oh so fun!

That is when I really found my groove with working out.

Then covid hit. We stopped CrossFit

But that summer, I rode my bike (a NEW beautiful solid white Specialized Ruby Road Bike)

I rode that bike just over 4,000 miles

It was the best. Early mornings out on the road. 

But then the winter came, and I was in a funk.

I tried to stick to a treadmill/crossfit style workout that winter.

I did fine

The following summer, I rode my bike a cool 3,600 miles

Enter the dreaded winter again, and this time my awesome husband set up an indoor trainer for me that we set up my old trusty road bike on. 

I was saved. 

I rode the bike every other day, treadmill/crossfit the other days.

Then this fall, as I was whining that winter was coming, my husband said:

Happy Birthday, I got you a Peloton

Pelaton vs Indoor Trainer Review
Pelaton vs Indoor Trainer Review

Queue the heavenly angels and celebratory balloons and everything else suitable for the grandest of celebrations

Ok, not really. But it should have been.

Now 3 months into my Pelaton riding, I feel like I have a good handle on which I prefer and why

The Peloton wins by a mile. 

Except for the monthly fee. I don't like reoccurring charges, but didn't have a lot of choice. Don't have a gym membership because I have a wonderful workout area in my home.  

The clear winning thing for me:

My knees don't hurt with the Peloton, but they ache terribly with the trainer.

The trainer is harder to get started, its great when I am going, but initially starting the spin puts too much on my knees. Even with adjusting the gears to start easier, it just isn't as easy.

The classes on the Peloton are a lot better than I thought.

Calorie wise, Peloton wins again

I can burn at least 50% more calories in the same amount of time on the Peloton vs the trainer and most days, I burn 100% more. 

 Hence all of the sweaty drips. Gross I know!

The trainers, and the little measurements on the screen make all the difference. 

Some of the trainers aren't my favorite

Some I really enjoy

I am still figuring that part out.

I also really love the Peloton app on my phone. I have been doing the core 4 week training program. It is awesome. 

I highly recommend, no matter which option you choose, to make sure to clip in your shoes, even indoors. I promise, once you get the hang of it, you'll never go back!

So in summary:

Peloton vs Indoor Trainer?

  • Peloton all the way! 
    • It is easier on my knees
    • The app has awesome workouts
    • I burn more calories with the workouts

Wooden Gnome Sign Coloring Craft Project

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 We love cute, quick, and simple craft projects. 

We love them more, because we have both boys and girls!

If there are multiple ways to complete that craft, then I am even more excited

We love these lucky DIY Wooden Gnome Signs. They are perfect for tier tray decor.

We love to paint, spray paint, and sometimes even use markers to color the wooden pieces in. 

Watch below as we use sharpies to color in the wood and see the transformation

Sign available in our shop

Elephant Crib Bedding Ideas

 Are you looking for a heirloom-quality elephant crib bedding ideas to add to your nursery? Look no further. A Vision to Remember (also known as AVTRBoutique) offers handmade, heirloom-quality baby quilts and crib sets in our studio in Idaho and ship nationwide.

The elephant bedding can be purchased as a crib size rag quilt only or as a crib set that includes the rag quilt, crib skirt, and fitted crib sheet. The baby rag quilts for sale are made with two layers of fabric: a solid quality soft flannel, and a mixture of cotton fabrics on the top. The exposed ragged seams are clipped before washing. The quilt will be washed once to begin the ragging process.

Baby elephant nursery bedding is made in many color combinations including our favorite light pink and gray for a soft and fun addition to your nursery! Other baby girl crib bedding available in our shop include baby quilts, big kid and adult throw and bedding, or elephant crib bedding and accessories!

Girl nursery bedding can be purchased as a crib size rag quilt only or as a crib set that includes crib size rag quilt, crib skirt, and fitted crib sheet. The exposed ragged seams are clipped before washing. The quilt will be washed once to begin the ragging process.

Baby rag quilts for sale are made with 2 layers of fabric. A solid quality soft flannel, and a mixture of cotton fabrics on the top.

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Check out all of the elephant crib bedding ideas in our etsy shop or website. 

Have you Ever...Wanted to Make A Rag Quilt Pillow?

Heres your chance to create your very own rag quilt pillow sham. We are creating it in a throw size pillow (16")

The simple instructions and cutting pieces are included in the video

Follow along as we create a rag quilt throw pillow sham to coordinate with our famous sports crib bedding

Of course if you don't want to create your own, we can help you create the perfect nursery for your little man. 

The pillow sham fits a 16" pillow form.


Rag Quilt Style Womens Apron Pattern

One of our favorite patterns at AVTR is the rag quilt style women's apron. 

This patchwork style apron sewing pattern is for women. It was originally designed as part of a quilt line for home and can be used with any cotton fabrics. The finished dimensions are approximately 40 inches across the bottom edge and 30 inches in length from top to bottom hemline.

We recently had a wonderful custom return and ask if we could make her 7 breast cancer themed aprons as gifts for Christmas. 

We picked some fun and beautiful custom printed fabrics from Spoonflower

The apron is a fun and unique gift idea for Christmas, Birthday's, Mother's Day, and just because

The apron pattern is full of tips and tricks on how to complete your very own apron.

The ties are extra long so that it fits many different body shapes and sizes.
The apron is also easily customized for adults and children. We simply adjusted the number of squares in the apron!
It seriously is the cutest little apron for your little ones too

To make the apron, you will need:

To make the apron, you will need:

  • The apron pattern.

  • Fabric. As described on pattern cover at bottom of blog post

  • Sewing machine with straight stitch capability. If you have any concerns about your machine's ability to handle sewing curves (only for the scallop bottom edge), please test it before beginning this project!

  • Matching thread. I recommend using cotton thread because it won't snag easily when turning corners when topstitching.

  • Rag quilt scissors . These scissors have blunt tips so they don't slip and slide as much when cutting through layers of fabric like denim or twill.* Rotary blade , cutting mat , ruler highly recommended!

Sewing machine and matching thread

The first step to making a great apron is to get your sewing machine ready. You'll need:

  • A sewing machine. Any general-use sewing machine will work, but if you want something that's extra durable, opt for an industrial-strength model.

  • Needles and thread that match your fabric type (most often polyester). We recommend using the same brand of both so that your stitches won't unravel—and make sure they're compatible with your sewing machine!

  • A walking foot attachment (recommended). This will help keep the layers from shifting during stitching and prevent uneven seams from forming where you don't want them to be!


This is a patchwork style pattern for women wanting to reproduce the style for themselves

The apron pattern is easy to follow, and the instructions are clearly written. You can easily modify this pattern to fit your own size and style. The fabric requirements are listed at the top of each page.

If you have any questions about this pattern, don't hesitate to contact me!


This is a patchwork style pattern for women wanting to reproduce the style for themselves. Sewing machines can be purchased from many sources, including local fabric and craft stores as w

Helpful links:

Rag Quilt Seam Allowances

Best Fabrics for Rag Quilts

Best Gift ideas for Seamstresses

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Make a Rag Quilt with Cotton Fabric

Rag quilts are so much fun to make! They're easy and quick, plus you can customize them for any occasion. 

At AVisionToRemember (AVTRBoutique too!), we make hundreds of rag quilts each year. We've been creating quilts since 2009. That is over 13 years of experience. So crazy

But throughout that time we have learned a lot!

One of those things is that cotton fabrics are one of our favorite materials to use in a rag quilt. 

But first a little about rag quilts:

Rag quilts are also known as comfort quilts, raggedy quilts, or raggy quilts.

Rag quilts have been around for a long time. They were first made by poor people who didn’t have much money to spend on fabric but still wanted to use it up in a creative way.

Rag quilt designs can be very simple or very elaborate depending on how you piece them together. Some rag quilters like to use different types of fabric scraps while others prefer using only one type so that the design can stand out more clearly against the background color.

Using a rag quilt pattern gives you guidelines for how to piece together the blocks for your project.

If you’re an experienced quilter and want to make your own rag quilt, use a rag quilt pattern. Rag quilts are usually made from cotton fabric and scraps of various sizes, shapes and colors. They can be pieced together using any technique you choose (straight line, half-square triangle or whatever). The only thing that matters is that the pieces are cut in such a way as to create randomness in the finished product.

To get started on your rag quilt, purchase or download one of these patterns:

How to Make a Cotton Rag Quilt

  • Use a rag quilt pattern.

  • Choose cotton fabric for the quilt top. I personally prefer cotton as it doesn't pile, it doesn't fade as quickly as flannel either. I also use flannel fabric for the quilt backing. But, if you'd prefer to use flannel as your middle layer, and cotton as the back that works awesome as well!

    Quilt using cotton top, flannel batting, and flannel backing.

    Front of quilt using cotton fabric, flannel batting, and cotton backing

    Back of quilt using cotton fabric, flannel batting, and cotton backing.

  • You can use any type of thread to sew the quilt together—sewing machine or hand sewing is fine!

Take some time to plan out your quilt before you start cutting and sewing.

To begin with, you should know that the size of your quilt can be determined by how much fabric you want to use. How big do you want it? The smallest rag quilts are around 30 inches square and the largest are king size.

But don't let the word "rag" scare you away from using modern cotton fabrics! Rag quilts were traditionally made out of scraps, but there's no reason why they can't be made with beautiful new materials like these modern ones available in our fabric shop

So there you have it! Rag quilts are easy to make and fun to use. They’re a great choice for anyone who wants to try their hand at sewing, because they don’t require any fancy stitches or special skills—just some basic needlework skills and a little patience. You can use them just about anywhere as added decoration or even as blankets on cold nights. We hope these tips helped you get started on your own homemade rag quilt project!

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