Be Thankful for Today Thanksgiving Printable

I love November.  

Not because it isn't hot anymore.

Or because its starting to snow.

Or even because the year is getting close to the end

I love it because of the reminder to be thankful for what I've got.  

That's why I created these printables.  

You can click on the picture and download it from my google drive.  

This one is a 8x10
Be Thankful for Today Thanksgiving Printable

And this one is a square one, but will print on a regular 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.  Then just trim it down.  
Be Thankful for Today

The printables are for personal use only.  
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Child Pinwheel Apron Pattern

I think every little girl needs an apron. My girls love to sit up to the table and help me cook whatever it is. Plus, the look on their faces when they are the ones that get to help me make whatever it is for dinner that night is priceless. Not to mention the bonding time and learning that occurs while spending this little slice of time together.

Its the best.


The Best!

I love how this little pattern turned out.  It is so much fun!  It has cute little 3-d pinwheels in the squares and ragged raw edges everywhere else!

Couldn't go wrong with this one. It would be a great pattern to make any little girl an apron with!

You can purchase the pattern on Etsy or Craftsy

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Pastel Triangle Rag Quilt in Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, Gray, and Yellow

I think my favorite part of sewing for others is custom orders.  They are so much fun!  To take someone else's vision and turn it into something they can touch and cherish forever is a real treat!

Today, I was able to do just that. I just shipped off this gorgeous twin size rag quilt made entirely of triangles.  The colors are so springy that it makes me wish winter hadn't just started!

If you would like your own triangle rag quilt you can find it HERE

Or if you want to make your own the pattern is available HERE

Candy Bar Popcorn-Double Chocolate Lovers

I love Popcorn! It is delicious is so many different ways. Sweet.  Salty. Butter.  Whatever pretty much works!

We are still suffering from post-Halloween Candyitis. We are overloaded. Plus, I needed a treat to take to a friends house the other night. Kill 2 birds, 1 stone. I didn't have a lot of time to make something big and elaborate.

This yummy Candy Bar Popcorn drizzled in white chocolate was perfect.  It was quick.  It was simple.  It was a huge hit with the kids.  A triple hitter!

White chocolate popcorn with candy bars

Doesn't it look divine?
White chocolate popcorn with candy bars
The recipe:
1 bag white chocolate chips
2 Tbsp oil
1 large bowl of popped popcorn (I used my air popper, but microwave popcorn would work well too)
10-20 small candy bar candy's. ( I used M&M's, Twix, Reeces, Snickers, Whoppers, and Almond Hershey Bars

Melt the white chocolate chips however you want.  I melted them in microwave for about 60 seconds and then stirred until the chips were melted.  It was still a little thick to be drizzled over the popcorn so I added the oil to thin it out.

Drizzle it over your popped popcorn.  Then mix in your chopped candy's.  Let the chocolate set and serve. 
White chocolate popcorn with candy bars

If you enjoyed this recipe you can also try Caramel Popcorn the Easy Way
Easy Microwave Caramel Popcorn

Or Muddy Buddies Popcorn
Muddy Buddies Popcorn

Its Fall-Y'All Scrappy Rag Quilt Tutorial. Modified Log Cabin Quilt

I don't know about you, but I get a little sad when the leaves on the trees start to change color, when the stores start to bring out their fall decor (or even Christmas), and when the kids go back to school...

Its Fall-Y'All Scrappy Rag Quilt Tutorial.  Modified Log Cabin Quilt

I am a summer fanatic all...the...way. I love summer. I hate being cold.

But this quilt almost makes me like fall and winter. Almost.

Its Fall-Y'All Scrappy Rag Quilt Tutorial.  Modified Log Cabin Quilt

Fall colors. Scrappy style. 

A couple months ago I had every intention of writing a little tutorial on how I did this rag quilt, but then my phone crashed and I lost every single picture that hadn't synced with my Ipad.

So, you will just get the written version.  Sorry!  No pictures.

I took 2.5 inch pieces of all different lengths and sewed them into a square similar to how you would do a long cabin. 
Its Fall-Y'All Scrappy Rag Quilt Tutorial.  Modified Log Cabin Quilt
I made 2 really large blocks.  They measured about 44 inches square.  
Now take one of those blocks and fold it into a triangle, taking the bottom right hand point and lining it up with the top left hand point.  Then cut that into 5 inch strips.  
Its Fall-Y'All Scrappy Rag Quilt Tutorial.  Modified Log Cabin Quilt
You will need to piece some of those 5 inch strips together to get about 44 inches in width.  You can see in the picture above in the 3rd row down there is the brown polka dot fabric and how there is a straight line instead of the blocks building on each other.  That one was pieced.

Cut all your strips into 44 inches wide (or the width that you would like for the quilt)

Cut out the same number of 5 inch strips from your flannel backing fabric.

Now layer your pieced pieces for your top with the flannel on the back.  Take 2 of your layer pieces and with the flannel pieces touching and your top quilt pieces on the top and bottom facing outwards, sew down the long side with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Repeat with the remaining pieces.

Clip the seam allowance with short blade scissors (Here is a great blog post if you would like more info on which scissors are the best)

Wash and dry your quilt.  Make sure to check your lint catcher in your dryer a couple times while it is drying.

Enjoy your  new rag quilt!

Its Fall-Y'All Scrappy Rag Quilt Tutorial.  Modified Log Cabin Quilt

Did you enjoy this tutorial?  Find more on my blog and in my Etsy Shop
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If you enjoyed this quilt tutorial you may also like these patterns:
Arrow Rag Quilt Pattern by A Vision to Remember
Arrow Rag Quilt Pattern
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Free Chevron Rag Quilt Pattern
Lexi Lou Rag Purse Pattern by A Vision to Remember
Lexi Lou Rag Purse Pattern

Ruffle Flower Rag Quilt for a Toddler Bed or Crib Quilt in Hot Pink, Orange, Yellow, Purple, and Lime Green

One of the latest quilt finishes
This quilt has got to be one of my all time favorites. 
Ruffle Flower Rag Quilt for a Toddler Bed or Crib Quilt in Hot Pink, Orange, Yellow, Purple, and Lime Green
I adore the bright colors, the fluffy, ruffly, flowers.  Seriously.  Makes me weak in the knees

Ruffle Flower Rag Quilt for a Toddler Bed or Crib Quilt in Hot Pink, Orange, Yellow, Purple, and Lime Green

You can make your own with this Free Pattern or I can make one for you. 

Plus, a little work in process pic.  I just adore those flowers!

Easy and Fun Pumpkin Crafts Ideas

You all know how much I love pinterest, Right?  I can't help but notice all the awesome pumpkin crafts out there right now.  Plus, it seems the only thing I am able to grow in my garden are pumpkins (mini and big ones) Here are just some of my favorites that I found via Pinterest and The Creative Exchange Link Party and are pinned onto my fall (Halloween and thanksgiving) board but they are linked directly to the original idea

pumpkin crafts ideas on

Pumpkin using mason jar twisty lids from Simply Klassic Home

4x4 Tall Wooden Pumpkins from You Craft Me Up
The Cottage Home has some adorable fabric pumpkins ( I saw a white one of these at Tai Pan last week and HAVE to make some!)
The Butlers have an adorable front porch adorned with a beautiful monogrammed pumpkin (painted of course)

Shanty 2 Chic have a really cute pumpkin and pine cone centerpiece

The Casual Craftlete and a Chalky Paint Pumpkin

 Ribbons and Glue with a DIY Pumpkin Planter

Pet Scribbles and DIY Metallic Pumpkins

 Feelin inspired?  I know I am! 

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