The Complete Guide to Rag Quilting + 10 Fun and Quick Projects

We are so excited to announce the release of our first rag quilt book! It is the Complete Guide to Rag Quilting and includes everything you will ever need to know about rag quilting.

Included in the book are 10 unique and simple rag quilt patterns, but even more than that, it includes everything we have learned along the way about rag quilting.

Want to know what scissors to buy? We've got you covered!

Want to know what type of fabric to use? We've also got you covered!

Want to know what a fabric sandwich is? Sounds yummy, and we still have you covered!

Want to know several different methods to finishing your rag quilt? Yep, still got you covered!

So, what are you waiting for?

Head on over to our etsy shop to purchase your very own copy and get it instantly in a download.

And for those of you that love an amazing deal...the book is only $29.99!  That is an $80 value.

(infomercial over)

But seriously, if you're looking for an amazing deal, I've got an even better one for you
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