Adding Pockets to Rag Apron Pattern

Remember the bee apron yesterday?  I added pockets to it.  As promised I will show you how to add the pockets to the Rag Apron Pattern

Follow the directions for the rag apron.  When cutting out the fabric cut out 2 pieces that are 5 x 12

Then cut the pieces of fabric like the above diagram.  Cutting out the small triangle piece.  You could add a nice little curve to the pocket as well if you would like.  Make sure that you do the mirror image on the 2nd piece so that the decorative side of the fabric has a triangle on the right and the 2nd decorative side of the other piece of fabric has a triangle on the left side.  Make sense?

Then sew along the diagonal  with a straight stitch about 1/4 of inch from the edge.
Then when you are assembling the rag apron.  Make sure to add the pockets onto the 5 x 12 inch rectangles while sewing them onto the other squares.  


Flirty Apron Swap with Bee's

I came across this really fun apron swap about a month ago  It is called the Flirty Apron Swap.  I decided to take the plunge and try it. 

I think I got the perfect person to send one to.  I have been wanting to applique bees for awhile now.  I have had the pattern made up for awhile now but just hadn't had the time or reason to sew something with bee's on it. 

Find the free downloadable beehive applique HERE  
The Bee applique is HERE

The lady that I sent my apron to loves bee's.  She loves everything about bee's.  Perfect!  So I made her an apron using THIS pattern.  I even added pockets for her.  I will show you have to adjust the pattern tomorrow to add the pockets. 

Now how did I applique the bee's and the beehive?
1.  download the applique patterns above
2. cut out the pattern pieces
3.  using your pattern pieces cut out the appropriate amount of pieces with you fabric
4.  pin the pieces in place onto the fabric that you want the appliques to be on
5.  sew with a straight stitch around each piece and where indicated. 
6.  I used a really tight zig zag stitch about a 1/4 inch wide for the eyes and the antennas.  The antennas are not on the pattern pieces.  I just kinda eye balled them in place. 
7.  Finish the product that you are making and then wash it to fray the edges a little of the applique. 


Kids Craft: Marble Painting

I remember doing a craft like this with my grandma when I was younger.  Painting with marbles didn't require any "new" supplies.  Everything I already had in my cabinet.
 My daughter thought it was the coolest thing ever.  She could even do it one handed.
acrylic paint
bowls for the paint
box large enough for the papers to lay down flat and tall enough that the marbles won't escape
freezer paper-to lay papers after painting them so that they don't get paint on your counter/floor

How to:
pour about a teaspoon of paint in each bowl.  We used 4 colors.  The purple seemed to really dominate so we started to use it sparingly.
put 1-5 marbles in each container with paint and roll them around until they get covered in paint
then dump the marbles in your box and roll them all over your paper that has been placed in the bottom of the box.
We experimented with different amounts of marbles from each color.  We also did one color at a time or 2 at a time.  Or even all the colors at one time.
This is definitely something fun for people of all ages.  It was lots of fun to see the different patterns and to see which papers were everyone's favorite!


New Pattern: Rag Nursing Cover

I have had this lovely little nursing cover sitting in my pile of things to finish.  I have been tweaking it for a couple of months.  I love how it turned out. 

The pattern is available HERE


FREE PATTERN: Car Seat Cover Pattern

{{{Affiliate links below. Thank you for your support}}

I have been asked so many times if I have a Car Seat Cover Pattern.   I finally made myself sit down and make a pattern for it.  (this is not for the tent or the canopy of a car seat, just the inside cover)

 I don't have an umbrella on my car seat.  I don't even know where it would be.  So there isn't the umbrella part in the pattern.  It will be in the pattern when I find myself an umbrella to deconstruct. 

My only request is for you all to give me some feedback on the pattern.  Doing a car seat pattern that is somewhat fitted is really hard to do with all the different styles and sizes of car seats.

So if you use this pattern please let me know how it went for you.  Where your trouble spots where.  Also, any changes that you would like to see made.  If you have any questions, let me know.

I can't wait to see all your different car seat covers that you make.  If you have a car seat tent for your car seat you don't even need the umbrella part.  I found that it just got in the way anyway.  So why waste your time if you are going to have a fun tent on your car seat?

To complete this car seat cover pattern you will need:

NOTE:  Please be aware that if you make the cover you may void the warranty of the car seat. 

Check out all of our quilting, sewing, and rag quilt style patterns

Don't want to make your own car seat tent for your car seat (sorry we are not able to make the seat covers). Contact us over on etsy or email us at

Fabrics available at
The instructions can be found HERE
The pattern pieces HERE

Daughters Church Drawing

I hope no one finds this terribly inappropriate.

Let me give you a little background.  We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...Mormons.

Anyway we were at sacrament meeting yesterday morning and my 5 yr old was drawing pictures during the speakers.  She whispered to me that she was going to draw a picture of herself.

This is what she drew

oh man...I about lost it right there.  I was laughing so hard that I was crying.  But of course it is not appropriate to laugh out loud.  So here I am laughing between my legs, trying to not make a scene.

Then after I composed myself, I explained to my daughter that we are supposed to draw modest pictures of people.  So only draw things that aren't covered by clothing.  I thought she got it because we often talk about modesty and such.

Then she took the black colored pencil and scribbled over those 3 spots...making them worse.  Oh man.  You think I was laughing before.  This REALLY got me.

On the bright side...I think my daughter is such a little artist.  Most pictures she draws I can actually tell what it is.  Lets just say that my stick people don't even look like a person.


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