Pumpkin French toast

I had a few requests over on Instagram yesterday for the recipe for these pumpkin french toasts.  So here you go:

The recipe below used the entire bag of pumpkin bread.  I like to make a big batch and then freeze what we don't eat.  Then my girls have a quick easy breakfast before school that isn't cold cereal.

 Pumpkin bread (make sure it is bread that has yeast in it so that it is like sandwich bread and not like banana bread)  This is the bread I used.  Sorry it is upside down.
5 eggs
1/2 c almond milk (or use whatever milk you have I just like almond milk plus it only has 15 calories)
Cinnamon to taste.  We like a lot of cinnamon so I add it couple times after I have covered 4 or 5 pieces of bread, then I sprinkle more cinnamon in the bowl and mix it up a little bit.  Plus the little helpers love to sprinkle it into the bowl.

Mix all the ingredients (except for the bread) into a bowl  with a fork.  Make sure your eggs are mixed in really well.  
Then take one piece of bread and put it into your bowl of egg mixture.  Coat one side and then the other.  Place the bread on the griddle and then repeat until you griddle is covered.  Flip them as they brown and then serve with your favorite syrup.  We used just regular ol maple syrup but I think that this recipe would be yummy with it (Coconut Syrup Recipe)

Book Review: Sparkle Factory: The design and craft of Tarina's Fashion Jewelry and Accessories

I was asked to review this book a few weeks ago and of course I was excited to check it out because it has one of my favorite words: SPARKLE!  It was definitely filled with lots of eye candy with all the bright and fun pictures.  There are also some great tutorials on how to make fun jewelry.  So make sure to go check it out:  The Sparkle Factory: The Design and Craft of Tarina's Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Follow Me on Pinterest Follow on Bloglovin


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