12 Days of Christmas Countdown Quilt

Here is a sneak peak to our 12 days of Christmas Countdown quilt.  I LOVE how it is turning out.  It does still need to get clipped and washed before I can show you the entire thing.  ENJOY!


Dr. Seuss Christmas Trees = Awesome Kids Craft

Remember yesterday?  Those fun trees?  If you don't go HERE

Well I sat down with extra fabric from my halloween daughters costume 
It was fleece fabric.  In a nice BRIGHT lime green.  I am so glad that I found it while we were cleaning up after the tornado last week ripped through the basement 

First, I cut out a bunch of different circles.  You know me...no the circles were not perfectly round by any means.  They were all just guesstimates.

Then my daughter put a dab of glue in between each layer of fabric.

Then she glued on random beads all over the trees...as you can see she is such an artist!

Last night as we were laying in bed she told me that making those trees was a lot of fun and thanks mom.

That totally made my day!   I LOVE being a mom.  Best thing ever (most of the time)


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