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Finishing a Rag Quilt Edge

Have you every wondered how to finish a rag quilt? We hope that this post you will find helpful in finishing a rag quilt edge.

Rag quilts are a fun and unique type of quilt. They are quick to assemble, and do not require quilting. There are times though that I like to change up the way I finish my rag quilt. Some of these methods are not standard for finishing a rag quilt, but they can make adding minky to the back much easier.

Adding minky to the back or a traditional cotton/flannel quilt back is another way to finish the quilt. We use the inside out method and then top stitch around the edge of the quilt to create a beautiful edge. For more info check out this blog post on adding a minky back to a rag quilt

The traditional, and easiest, way to finish a rag quilt is to stitch around the entire perimeter with a 1/2'' seam allowance. Then clip the outer edge of the quilt, just as you have clipped the seam allowances. This is the method that I use the most, and is the standard way to finish your quilt. If you want this type of finished quilt to be more than a lightweight quilt, then make your quilt with the batting layer

This is also a fairly common way to finish a rag quilt. For this method, fold the outer edge of the quilt 1/2'' over the front of the quilt, and then topstitch 1/4'' from the fold. You can clip the 1/4'' seam allowance or leave it to fray without clipping.

You can use the traditional way to finish a quilt, with binding, for a rag quilt. This method will give a you a nice, clean finished edge like a regular quilt.


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