Sports Rag Quilt Pattern on


This Sports Baby Rag Quilt Pattern - Instant Download blanket is so easy to sew and a great blanket for the beginner. It can be whipped up in just a few hours. This is one of my favorite patterns to sew because I can use the same basic building block in this quilt to make anything from a doll quilt to a kind size quilt and everything in between.

How it's made:
Sport Baby Rag Quilt Pattern - Instant Download...You simply cut squares, rectangle, and appliques; sew the applique onto the quilt (very simple, I promise), sew the the fabric together, and then clip and wash for your rag quilt!


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Round Weaving Looms for Beginners

A fun and simple craft project for young and old alike! In the video you will see a 35 year old and a 8 year old completing the project. 


Weaving looms are relaxing and fun craft project

The wooden loom is also paintable and perfect as a gift/activity for birthday partys, stocking stuffer, or just cause you're stuck at home. Plus, when you're done looming, you can use the cute loom as a decoration OR cut the string and start over using other yards. Your only limitation is your the possibilities are endless.

 To purchase your very own loom head on over to our shop AVTRBoutiqueImage HTML map generator

Wooden Lacing Toy by

Christmas is just around the corner.  Once the kids start school it seems like it pops up way before I am ready
You too?

So if you're in the same boat as I am, 
and if you have children check out these fun lace up game toys

We have a wide variety of toys. Including bees,

Construction Lace Up Toys


Princess Lace Up Toy

Christmas Themed Lace Up Toys

Sports Lace Up Toys

Cars Lace Up Toys

Unicorn Lace Up Toys

 The lace up toys are also paintable. Watch as our in house painters try their hand at painting the farm set

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Favorite 10 Rag Quilt Patterns

Rag quilting is a fun, and unique way of creating a quilt. 
The quilt top, batting (optional), and quilt back are all sewn together at the same time
Sports Rag Quilt Pattern

Here at A Vision to Remember we love to design new patterns. 

I love creating patterns that are out of the box


and fun!

Easy Peasy Rag Quilt Pattern

Not only do we make quilt patterns, but also apron patterns!

So much fun and different

Apron Rag Quilt Pattern

They are also quick projects. Create an entire quilt in an afternoon!

Addy Mae Rag Quilt Pattern

Sewing is therapy and helps me to use my creative powers to make something that brings joy

Log Cabin Rag Quilt Pattern


Rag quilts can bring a big punch.

Ruffle Flower Rag Quilt Pattern


All of the quilt patterns are available in our shop

Star Rag Quilt Pattern

Our newest released rag quilt pattern uses 10 inch squares

10 Inch Square Rag Quilt Pattern

Even flags can be created using a rag quilt pattern

Flag Quilt Pattern

Even free patterns!

Strip Rag Quilt Pattern


Click on any of the pictures for a direct link to our shop
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Baseball is America's Sport. Or so I've heard. 
We just got finished up with baseball and softball for our kiddos
So baseball is on the brain and we wanted to share with you our favorite baseball baby blanket and how it was sewn.


Our favorite classic quilt for boys would have to be the sports rag quilt in navy blue and gray, but we love just as much when we have a special request to change the colors

 A quick video on how to sew the Easy Peasy Rag Quilt Pattern by A Vision to Remember. It also includes a fun variation on the pattern by adding raw edge appliqued baseballs, baseball mits, and baseball bats.


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Ruffle Pillow Sham Tutorial

Unique bedding and home decor items are our specialty. 

Plus, we love plaid. 

Do you?

We wanted some pillow shams that were a little shabby, a little chic, to go with our farmhouse decor

I love how they turned out.

You can purchase them in our shop

We offer them in a wide variety of colors and sizes. 

But you're looking to make your own, follow along with the video below.

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How to Thread a Needle Easily

Did you know 
That needles have a front and back?

I didn't either.

But they do. 

Watch as we easily thread a needle. 


One last thing...

Get the needle eye wet (a little spit didn't hurt any needle)

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How to Thread a Juki DDL-8700 Sewing Machine

When I first began sewing rag quilts for a living, I went through so many needles. I could have bought stock in Schmetz!

No joke! 

I bought the thickest needles I could find in my local big box craft stores. The typical Universal 90/14.

But I still broke needles. 

Every time I broke a needle I would:

  1. Stop sewing (duh)
  2. Change needle
  3. Clean out anywhere the broken part of the needle could have ended up
  4. Checked the seam in the quilt for any remnants of needle.
  5. Began sewing again

This process could take several minutes each time. I knew exactly where I would break the needles (always where 4 seams would cross at). Rag quilts can be bulky to sew through as they are made by sewing quilt back, flannel batting, and quilt top together at the same time. So where seams would meet I could be sewing through 6 layers of fabric, 4 of which were flannel. That is a lot of material! 

So after a few years, and many quilts later, we decided to add to my sewing machine collection and get a Juki DDL 8700. 

We picked it for several reasons. But I am guessing that if you are trying to figure out how to thread the darn thing like I did when I first bought it, you already know you need it.

Once you figure it out, it is really easy to rethread and takes just a second

Follow the video below and you'll be set in no time!

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How to Clean A Sewing Machine or Serger from Dust Bunnies

{affiliate links below}
I don't know about you, but I sew enough that I am constantly combating the dreaded dust bunnies that accompany fabric. 
I have "heard" from my Bernina dealership to not use canned air as it can put moisture on the metal. Moisture and metal create corrosion. 
Plus, a canned air is plenty expensive for my taste and it never lasted long enough
So, I tried a vacuum
When that didn't work, I would blow my own air
Counterintuitive much?
Yes, moisture and metal create corrosion.
So we I came across a handy dandy tool on amazon.

Its a compressed air duster. 

No canned air required.

 So now, when I need to clean out my sewing machine, serger, laser, or whatever else that has pesky dust bunnies. A quick little treatment with the compressed air duster, and I am set!

Watch the short video below to see it in action.


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Personalized Gifts for Mother's, Grandma's, or the Special Gardener in your Life

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Beautiful engraved wall art for grandmas garden. We love memorializing grandmas posterity with this unique plaque.

We can also change grandma to other wording as well 

We’ve done mom, nana, aunt, grandmas great, and custom names for mom and grandma.



You can purchase and learn more about this beautifully customized wall art in our shop. 

We also have the file available for those that have their own laser cutting machine 

We sell a wide variety of rag quilts, kitchen linens, crib bedding, large quilts made from your clothing, ruffle valances and crib skirts, and rag quilt patterns

Chinese Checkers Game Board

Watch as we give you a behind the scenes look at the creation process of the fun and unique Chinese Checkers board game. 

Chinese Checkers is a fun board game. Up to 6 players. Its simple enough that my 4 and 7 year olds love to play it with me.

The object of Chinese checkers is to get your marbles to the opposite star point before the competition. Strategies include lining up your marbles so that there is only a space in between so that you can jump. Thereby greatly decreasing the number of turns required to get the marbles all the way across.

It is seriously a simple game, with hours and hours of entertainment.

Chinese checkers are the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day. 

We leave ours out on the end table, and often as we are hanging out on our phones, someone will ask to play. Its a great way we have found to build our family bond.

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Strip Rag Quilt

Rag quilts are traditionally made with squares. Here at AVTR, we like to think outside of the rag quilt box. Instead we're thinking about simple quilt patterns that are made in a strip rag quilt. 

Unique? Yes!

Fun? Yes!

Most importantly...

Quick? Absolutely!

Enjoy the following strip rag quilt patterns (click on the picture for more information on each quilt)

Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

Arrow Quilt Pattern

Arrow Quilt Pattern

Ashlyn Quilt Pattern

Ashlyn Quilt Pattern

Split Strips Quilt Pattern

Split Strip Quilt Pattern

Rail Fence Quilt Pattern

Rail Fence Quilt Pattern

Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

Free Strip Log Cabin Rag Quilt (Perfect for scraps)

Free Strip Log Cabin Rag Quilt Pattern

Strip Quilt Pattern

Strip Quilt Pattern


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Log Cabin Rag Quilt Pattern

The log cabin quilt block is one of the most popular and versatile quilt blocks out there. So we decided to try our hand at creating one in our style. Rag Quilt style that is. 

(clicking on any picture will take you to the rag quilt pattern available on our website AVTRBoutique for purchase. Thank you for supporting our small family business)

We love that rag quilting is quick project friendly. This quilt was made in an afternoon. Clipped in a couple hours. Then washed and ready to be snuggled with.

We centered the quilt around Riley Blake Designs Cottage Core fabric line, then mixed in a few other fabrics (all from Riley Blake...They're our favorite!)

Then we added Shannon fabrics Lux Minky to the back of the quilt after we had created the rag quilt. Followed by a binding in a soft mint green.

We love the way this quilt turned out. Its such a fun quick project with a huge impact. Perfect if you're wanting  a quick project, a gift for someone special, or just because!

You can find the direct link to our shop by clicking on any picture to purchase the quilt pattern

Quilting goodness in a roll. 

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