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Rag Quilt Style Womens Apron Pattern

One of our favorite patterns at AVTR is the rag quilt style women's apron. 


This patchwork style apron sewing pattern is for women. It was originally designed as part of a quilt line for home and can be used with any cotton fabrics. The finished dimensions are approximately 40 inches across the bottom edge and 30 inches in length from top to bottom hemline.

We recently had a wonderful custom return and ask if we could make her 7 breast cancer themed aprons as gifts for Christmas. 

We picked some fun and beautiful custom printed fabrics from Spoonflower

The apron is a fun and unique gift idea for Christmas, Birthday's, Mother's Day, and just because

The apron pattern is full of tips and tricks on how to complete your very own apron.

The ties are extra long so that it fits many different body shapes and sizes.
The apron is also easily customized for adults and children. We simply adjusted the number of squares in the apron!
It seriously is the cutest little apron for your little ones too

To make the apron, you will need:

To make the apron, you will need:

  • The apron pattern.

  • Fabric. As described on pattern cover at bottom of blog post

  • Sewing machine with straight stitch capability. If you have any concerns about your machine's ability to handle sewing curves (only for the scallop bottom edge), please test it before beginning this project!

  • Matching thread. I recommend using cotton thread because it won't snag easily when turning corners when topstitching.

  • Rag quilt scissors . These scissors have blunt tips so they don't slip and slide as much when cutting through layers of fabric like denim or twill.* Rotary blade , cutting mat , ruler highly recommended!

Sewing machine and matching thread

The first step to making a great apron is to get your sewing machine ready. You'll need:

  • A sewing machine. Any general-use sewing machine will work, but if you want something that's extra durable, opt for an industrial-strength model.

  • Needles and thread that match your fabric type (most often polyester). We recommend using the same brand of both so that your stitches won't unravel—and make sure they're compatible with your sewing machine!

  • A walking foot attachment (recommended). This will help keep the layers from shifting during stitching and prevent uneven seams from forming where you don't want them to be!


This is a patchwork style pattern for women wanting to reproduce the style for themselves

The apron pattern is easy to follow, and the instructions are clearly written. You can easily modify this pattern to fit your own size and style. The fabric requirements are listed at the top of each page.

If you have any questions about this pattern, don't hesitate to contact me!


This is a patchwork style pattern for women wanting to reproduce the style for themselves. Sewing machines can be purchased from many sources, including local fabric and craft stores as w

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