Rag Quilt Style Nursing Cover Pattern - How to Sew a Nursing Cover Free Pattern

Rag quilts are one of the MOST versatile quilting methods.  I've been able to make nearly everything my heart has desired.  The Nursing Cover has been no exception.  A free pattern on how to make your very own rag quilt style nursing cover.  It is simple, and comes out absolutely gorgeous!

Free Pattern Nursing Cover with Boning

The pattern also includes instructions on how to sew in the boning so that you can peek at your little while nursing, but still keeping your goods nice and covered so you are comfortable

Pinwheel Little Girls Apron Pattern

Every little girl needs an apron, or at least my little girls all insist that they need an apron.  Especially, when its a free apron pattern that includes 3-d pinwheel sewing technique and rag quilting all in one.  It doesn't get more unique and simple than that!

How to Make a Girls Apron Free Pattern by A Vision to Remember

Precious in Every Way Baby Girl Crib Bedding

New release Crib Bedding.  It's Precious in Every Way. 

Don't you think?

Baby Pink and Gray Custom Crib Bedding

 A little Ruffle Crib Skirt in Pansy pink, paired with a pink flannel chevron sheet

Pastel Baby Girl Crib Bedding

 And a gorgeous crib size rag quilt in gray and baby pink

Baby Pink Chevron Crib Sheet and Crib Bumpers
 I just can't stand the sweetness!
Custom Baby Girl Nursery Crib Bedding by A Vision to Remember

For more information on how to purchase this crib bedding head on over to AVTRBoutique.com 

Precious in Every Way Crib Bedding
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Sew it or Scrap It? Woodland Edition

Super important question for the day....

Would you Sew it or would you Scrap it?

This quilt has been one of my absolute favorites!  I have done it in several different color schemes





But never yellow

Yep....weird, I know!.

Never, have I ever done Yellow

So my question for you today is:

Should I sew up this Hunting Quilt with Stag Appliques in Teal and Yellow?

What do you think?

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Nautical Baby Crib Bedding for Baby Boy in Lime Green, Navy Blue, Grey

So excited to show you all the newest crib set! This crib set is all about the Modern Nautical Baby Boy with this Nautical Themed Baby Crib Bedding for Boy made in Lime Green, Navy Blue, and Grey...

Or is it Gray.....

I never know.


The Baby Boy Crib Quilt with Applique Anchors and 2 different anchor fabric prints

Nautical Baby Boy Crib Bedding in Navy Blue, Lime Green, and Grey

Anywho...back at the crib set.  It features crib bumpers with applique anchors.

Nautical Baby Nursery Crib Bumpers with Anchors in Navy Blue, Lime Green, and Grey

And a cute mini anchor print crib sheet

Nautical Baby Nursery Crib Bumpers with Anchors in Navy Blue, Lime Green, and Grey

My favorite part.....

The peekabo pleated crib skirt with anchor print and the bright lime green shining through. 

Box Pleated Crib Skirt for Boy Nautical Anchors Navy Blue and Green

Whats your favorite part of this Nautical Boy Crib Bedding?

Boy Nautical Crib Bedding Lime Green, Navy, and Grey

This crib set is ready to ship and can be purchased in the AVTRBoutique.com shop
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New Ruffle Colors of Ruffle Crib Skirts Available on Amazon!

Do you remember when I started selling on Amazon this last summer?

Its been a fun, crazy whirlwind ever since.

But....that my friends, is for another day.

{Let me know if you are interested in hearing about it from a business side :) }

So I've just released the lastest colors of ruffle crib skirts and I am so excited for all the variety!

There is Coral Crib Skirts

Coral Ruffle Crib Skirs

And Light Gray Dust Ruffles

Gray Ruffle Crib Skirt

To go along with the Hot Pink Crib Skirts

Hot Pink Ruffle Crib Skirt

and you always gotta throw in the Dark Horse...er...I mean...The Navy Blue Ruffles for Cribs...

Navy Blue Ruffle Crib Skirt

And some purple, for the non pink lovers for their crib bedding

Purple Ruffle Crib Skirt

And, if you are like me, and are tired of the winter, then this yellow will brighten your baby's nursery

Yellow Ruffle Crib Skirt

Plus, the oceans mint baby nursery

Mint Ruffle Crib Skirt

So there you have it. Most of the colors of the rainbow, and guess what....there are a few more colors over on Amazon.

Make sure to stop on by (click on any of the above pictures) or you can go here to see all the different ruffle crib skirts and their colors

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Zebra Girl Bedding Rag Quilt for Twin, Full/Double, Queen, and King Size

Don't let that snow deceive you!

Its pretty, for sure.

But only pretty to look at...


I'm freezing my butt off and remembering warm days not so long ago, and looking forward to meeting those days again.

Twin Size Bedding Purple and Black
But for now.  I am trying to teach myself to enjoy the snow.

Because even though, I am not a fan of being cold....

Snow brings with it a peace.

Custom Girl Bedding Sets by A Vision to Remember

Summer can't say that.

Summer is all about the hustle, and the bustle

Zebra Girl Bedding Set

Winter is a time to reflect and quiet. 

Girl Zzebra  Bedding
I need to remember that both are awesome for different reasons....
If I can just get over the "I'm so cold" stage
Purple and Black Bedding for Dorm Room Girl
If you are in this stage, like I am....one of these quilts might just do the trick for you.

Zebra Girl Bedding RAg Quitl for Twin Size Bed

To find out how you can purchase your very own Purple and Black Zebra Rag Quilt head on over to AVTRBoutique.com to find out more information.  


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Woodland Baby Girl Quilts and Nursery Bedding with Deer Heads

These Deer Quilts are killing me!  In a good way.  I love them.


I can't decide which is my favorite!

So can you help me decide which of these girly quilts is your favorite?!

A.  The Hot Pink, Turquoise, and Aqua Deer Quilt for Woodland Baby Bedding

Baby Girl Crib Bedding Navy, Aqua, PinkGirl Crib Bedding and Car Seat Canopy

B. Lime Green, Navy Blue, Aqua, and Gray Woodland Baby Quilt and Nursery Crib Bedding

Lime Green, Navy Blue, Aqua, and Gray Woodland Baby Quilt and Nursery Crib Bedding
Girl Rag Quilt with Deer Silhoette for Baby Girl or Boy
Deer Baby Quilt for Lady Hunter

 C The Hot Pink, Aqua, and Gray Baby Girl Crib Bedding with Deer Heads for a Woodland Theme Nursery

Baby Girl Crib Bedding Nursery Deer, Aqua, Gray, Pink

Woodland Baby Girl Crib Bedding with Deer Silhouettes in Pink, Aqua, and Gray

Woodland Car Seat Canopy Deer Aqua, Gray, and Hot Pink

Deer Baby Quilts in Aqua, Hot Pink, and Gray Woodland

Check out the video and make sure to add your decision below in the comments....A, B, C, or D 

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