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Watermelon Jolly Rancher Semi-Circle Jiggles with Silicone Mold

Enjoy this simple recipe for Watermelon Jolly Rancher Jello Jigglers
watermelon jolly rancher jigglers
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I received these fun baking molds from Wholeport last week and was excited to try them out...the only problem.  Its too hot outside to turn on the oven.  My husband would just LOVE me if I made our house hotter.  I would never hear the end of it ;)  So instead I opted for a fun cool treat that EVERYONE in my family would enjoy.  Jigglers!
watermelon jellow and silcone mold
jello jigglers in silicone mold

Recipe for Jello Jigglers Using a Silicone Mold

I followed the directions on the back of the box and made the jigglers for the mold.  I must not have the magic touch because only a few of my semi-circles made it out in without tearing.  Boo!  So if you have a trick PLEASE SHARE it with me.  My girls would love you forever. lol.

PS the watermelon jolly rancher (and the apple flavor I am told by my husband) jello taste just like the candy.  Yum!

You can get your very own silicone mold from HERE


Stay tuned tomorrow.  I will have another silicone mold summer treat.  

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Anonymous said...

Ha, these look awesome! Never heard of jigglers here in the UK, but I presume they are kind of jelly? A great summer dessert though!
Thanks so much for joining the Living with Style Linky Party - I hope you will come and join us again this week - we're live now!

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