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Quickest...Simplest Pumpkin Pillow Ever. From Scratch!

It is so dark and dreary here. It has been so bright and warm and cheerful here that I have almost forgotten that Winter is coming. But sadly, that was just a dream. Now the rain is here and I needed something bright to warm up my living room. So this is what I made to chase the blues away.

How to make a throw pillow for fall by a vision to remember

This pillow took me 20 minutes flat.  I free hand cut out all of the applique pieces.  Simple.  Imperfect.  Its how I roll.  Thankfully FMQ and Raw Edge Applique are in so I am soooo In Style without even trying.  JK.  But I have noticed that this style is coming in....hard.  And I love it.  Its what I've done for several years, so I can't be happier!

Get Ready to Make your Pumpkin Pillow:

Print off your pattern pieces for the Pumpkins

Cut out the pillow pieces.  I used a pillow measuring 16" square so I cut my front square 16.5" and my back 2 pieces for the envelope 8" and 12".  This will use 1/2 yard

For the pumpkin pieces using scrap pieces you have lying around begging to be used will be great, or some fat quarters will work too. 

Raw Edge Applique Stitch and Free Motion Quilting a Throw Pillow

 Pumpkin Pillow How To Video on You Tube!

This is my first video on Youtube.  It is sooooo scary to do this.  I would love to have your support and watch it.  Plus, you might learn something new!

If you don't have time to watch the video (but I highly advise it ;) here are the basics to the

How to Sew a Throw Pillow Assembly Part

1. Place the pattern pieces where you want them
2. raw edge applique around each piece.  You can do a bit of Free Motion Quilting on the pumpkins as well to give them some dimension
3. finish 1 edge of each of your envelope pieces
4. Place the envelope pieces on your pumpkin piece and sew together.
5.  Turn right sides out and stuff your pillow in!


How to FMQ and Raw Edge Applique a Design on a Pillow for Fall with Pumpkins
See....Super Simple. Thats what I like!

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