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Elephant Crib Quilt and Matching Diaper Bag

I've got a song stuck in my head.  Its the song for my littlest girls dance routine...

It starts out at

"Don't Worray, about a Thang.  Every little things, gonna be alright"

Safari Quilt Set for Baby Boy Nursery
Maybe its stuck in my head for a reason.


Elephant diaper bag by A Vision to Remember and Available at AVTRBoutique.com

So, just for a minute....

I am going to take the advice of the song and not worry. 

Elephant Diaper Bag and Quilt for Baby Boy Nursery

Just for a minute though, because really, I don't know what being a mom is like without worrying.  It's the way I am.  And I hear....It only gets worse.

PS.  This quilt and purse are available at AVTRBoutique.com

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