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Essentials for Cleaning

Now I am not going to pretend that I have a clean house 100% of the time. I don't. I feel like 90% of the time my house looks like the above picture. Thankfully, I really know better that it is not that bad.

I hate cleaning. I put it off for as long as I possibly can.

I do like to be organized though.

Weird I know.

So when I do clean, here are the things that I HAVE TO HAVE to get the job done

I think this is the 1 most important element in cleaning. If you have water you can clean almost anything. It may be a little more difficult without some of the following tools, but one can always manage as long as you have water. At least that is my opinion.

I like to have rags like this, but I know many people that use old clothing that they would have thrown away instead of wash rags. I like this type of rag because it holds in lots of water and it can scrub fairly nicely.

I use rags like this for many things like:
  • cleaning bathrooms
  • mopping floors
  • wiping baseboards and walls
  • cleaning out cupboards
  • cleaning the fridge
  • etc
I do keep my cleaning washrags separate from my rags that I use to clean my face.

When I am really doing a good cleaning job (like washing walls and floors and everything in between) I want to have a bucket next to me. That way I am not running to the sink in the bathroom or kitchen all the time and then dripping water back to where I was working at. It just makes life tons easier. One could also use a pot or a large bowl, but make sure to clean it really well before eating out of it later on.
I LOVE Windex. I have not really tried other window cleaners. Very rarely do I stick to a brand, but I have stuck to this brand.
I ALWAYS have an antibacterial cleaner handy. This is what I use to clean my bathrooms and kitchen counters. Everything just feels so much cleaner afterwards.
Isn't this vacuum dreamy?!? I think I might actually vacuum everyday if it looked this good. But seriously, this is essential!

Gotta have it. I use to to sweep the floor (obvious I know), but I also use it to get cobwebs down (yes I have them too) from the ceiling. My mom even defended herself from a mouse with one

Scrub Brush:
I love having a scrub brush to scrub the floors and the bathtub. They do a great job with those harder to clean jobs.

Now I think I have motivated myself enough to have a cleaning day. What do you use to clean?


Vanessa said...

When I am doing a quick clean-up instead of a deep clean, I love using the Clorox or Lysol antibacterial wipes. They are a little pricey, but I can usually get them super cheap by combining coupons and a sale at Rite Aid.

AsteropeBC said...

When I have to clean up something dried on or sticky, I find a cloth with a little steaming hot water on it works really well - just be careful not to burn yourself!

Amanda said...

I used to be a Windex girl BUT I got a sample of this glass cleaner called Sprayway World's Best Glass Cleaner. It is. It's a spray that comes out all foamy -- puts windex to shame! You can get it at Target, Sams Club, Marsh or the auto stores in their detailing dept. (I guess the auto detailers have used it for awhile -- who knew? The greasy men have cleaning secrets) I'm just bummed that I had bought a big refil container of Windex and now -- I refuse to use it!!

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