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Side Board Table: bare naked

Remember the Side Board Table?  With that awful texture on it?  Well now the texture is gone.  I have gotten it all cleaned up.  Thanks to
This stuff is Suped De-Duper Amazing!  Seriously.  Its non toxic.  Perfect!  It worked great.  It would have worked even better if I wasn't so impatient.  But I was so dang excited to see what was underneath all that crap.

I did learn one other thing...the citrus stripper residue comes off a lot easier if you don't let it dry out.  I did use a little mineral wash to clean it up a little.

Now I have it all cleaned up and sanded and it is really awesome looking wood!  Seriously so excited to try and stain it.  My next dilemma is whether I should not start the next project until this one is done or should I strip all 10 different things that need stripped first?  


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