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Whats in a Name?

With this baby's birth fast approaching...I am a bit worried.  We haven't picked out a girl name yet.  We have a boy one, but no girl name.

I told my hubby, for my sanity, we needed at least a couple names picked out before we head to the hospital.  He thinks I am crazy of course.  But that OCD side of me just won't give.

A name is an important thing...I don't want my kid to hate their name....
I definitely want my baby to love its name
So whats in a name and do you have any great A name ideas for a girl?  Our other 2 girl's names start with A's and we would like to stick with it if we can come up with one we both like :) 

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Missy Shay said...

Annie, Amanda, Alice, but please do not pick Apple! LOL
Do you have a boy name with an A too?

Jill said...

I can totally relate! My husband has a really hard time trying to narrow down baby names. We're only 3 months into this pregnancy, but I'm already putting lists in front of him since it'll take months to come close to deciding on anything. One girl's name that I love that he nixed right away is Adalynn. I just think it's pretty :)

Unknown said...

My daughter's name is Aubrey and I think it is pretty perfect.

Unknown said...

I'm biased towards Arden (my daughter's name), but I also like Audrey.

Jeanette www.craftyincrosby.com said...

My husband and I had our first child's name picked out months in advance. However, we only had a girls name for the 2nd one. We didn't have an ultrasound so we didn't know the sex (this was back in the stone ages before you routinely had them!). Her name is my middle name - Leigh. Very good thing it was a girl!

Ashley C. said...

Adalyn was always the "A" girl name that we loved...and then we had boys. :)

avisiontoremember said...

No our boy name starts with a B and we have had it picked out FOREVER. :)

avisiontoremember said...

My husband is so laid back that he doesn't think its a big deal to have a name/names picked out before going to the hospital. I on the other hand panic when I am not prepared :) Adalynn is a beautiful name but is really close to one of my other girls names so can't do that :(

avisiontoremember said...

Love that name :) Sadly it is to close to our other daughters name and I would hate to get any more tongue tied than I am already lol

Jan said...

I love Amelia (my daughter's middle name). Best wishes for a smooth delivery.

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