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How to Decorate a Large Wall with a Monogram Wreath, Large Clock, and Cabinet Door Wall Art

I was so excited when we were building our house that we would have cathedral vaulted ceilings.  We have a really large living room connected to our kitchen.  It is perfect for entertaining.  We have had almost 100 people in those 2 rooms on a couple occasions, and even though we are crowded, we fit and the cathedral ceilings make us all not so claustrophobic.

decorating a large wall with a clock

The 2nd biggest problem (next to wanting to repaint, but knowing that I will need to rent scaffolding to do it)  is how to decorated these huge walls.

This is my solution for the wall that my piano sits on.  A large clock (that I made and you can find the info on how to make yours for under $100 HERE)

A large wreath with a monogram inside of it (the instructions are HERE for the monogram Wreath)

And then I also made the cabinet door wall art with the Family saying on it from vinyl.  You can view the tutorial HERE

I don't have a fireplace, Yet, so I use my piano top as my mantel to decorate. 
Piano top decorations

I love this printable that I found at The Girl Creative
wake up smiling subway art printable by the girl creative

I am so excited about all the little pops of color that I am finally getting added.  It is making my beige walls seem, not so beige
decorating a large wall with a cabinet wall art


Heidi Hillman said...

It looks so great! I love the color combination! Teal is my favorite color right now. :) said...

Love it. I especially love all of the clocks. Decorating with clocks is so much fun! (I love teal and orange together, too.)

mryjhnsn said...

You did a lovely job decorating your home. I am not a fan of the bright blue statues but the tie in wonderfully with your monogram and I don't think it would work if you didn't. Great job!

Mom of Two said...

I love this idea. I really love the pops of color with the turqouise.

Mom Knows Best said...

I know what you mean on having to wait to paint. A new house needs new paint to make it yours.

annies home said...

what a cute idea the colors all go together well and look awesome.

Unknown said...

Looks like you did a great job decorating.. The piano and wall looks great!

Christy G said...

You did a great job decorating. I really need to do some decorating in my house. It has been several years since we moved into our house and I don't have a ton of photos on the wall.

Kat Sterrett said...

Wow, came out great! thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

What a fun wall clock! I also love how you used the books as a base. Found you at Brittany Bullen today! Have a great weekend.

Buba4Turtle said...

First, that is a beautiful piano! I really like that cabinet door decoration, too. I'm going to show my dad because I know he's looking for stuff for his walls and he's redoing his kitchen cabinets next week.

Thanks for sharing at Inspire Me Mondays!

Dave, Amy and Jace said...

This looks great! I wish I could do this!

The Kitchen Wife said...

Love this idea, and I love the colors you used!

Lara Neves said...

Beautiful! I really love how you've decorated your piano. :)

Unknown said...

Love it! I think it all looks great together. I love the cabinet door!

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