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12+ Ways to Make Back to School Easier on the Entire Family

Back to school time is in full swing from what I see on Social Media. Lucky for my family we don't start school until after Labor Day.

So, in an attempt to make my life (and hopefully help you out) easier in the coming weeks as school starts.

PS this roundup was made using ONLY links from the Creative Exchange Link Party.  It starts every Thursday morning early (3 am mountain time).  Plus, you gain exposure on 5 different blogs.  That means 5 chances for you to be featured, and a lot more exposure for your time!  So make sure to stop by Thursday and enter your blog links! Can't wait to see you there!

First off.  Homework.  Everyone dreads it right?  How about being able to keep track of what needs to go on which day with this weekly calendar board from Making it in the Mountains:

What about all those back to school clothes you need? How about taking a pattern you already have in your stash and creating a few unique clothes like Boy Oh Boy oh Boy Crafts did for her son

Or what about breakfast. If you are like me and my daughter its a fight every morning to get her to eat breakfast, but I won't let her walk out that door unless she does. So here are a couple great ideas for simple, easy, HEALTHY, and quick breakfast.

2 Ingredient Banana Pancakes with Satisfaction through Christ

Or scrambled eggs in a mug that is easy enough for your kids to make them all by themselves with Chic California

What about after school. Every kid needs a snack by Blooming Homestead (plus don't the parents too?!? PS After School Snack time is a great time to reconnect with your school age kid and find out how their day was...)

Or even a sweet snack.  Who doesn't like a little cookie after school.  I know I do!  A little celebration that we've made it through another day

Try these yummy crab cookies of Mice and Ramen

or these marshmallow fruity treats by lovefoodwillshare.com

Does your child have a little anxiety with back to school. Maybe doing a little teacher interview might help by homemade Interest!

Are you on the PTO or are you Homeschooling? This bulletin board is to die for by the Gilded Pear!

Or how about giving your childs teacher a cute little stamp set to start the year off on the right foot by Casual Craftlete

My inlaws like to measure all the grandkids at the beginning of the school year. Its a fun way to see how your kid has grown each year (and to compare to each other) by Shambray

What about those poor not school age kids. I know my 2 year old is going to bored out of her mind without her sisters here to entertain her. What about making a cute little indoor tent by the Gilded Pear?

If you are looking for ideas on helping your kids with homework and progress their learning you might be interested in My School and Learning pinterest board

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Unknown said...

Thanks for featuring our Teacher Interview. Those crab cookies are too cute!

Shambray said...

Thanks for featuring my growth chart! This is a fantastic round up!

Sum of their Stories said...

Such fun ideas. I've only got one 16 year old left at school now and his back to school prep is grabbing a handful of pens from the drawer on the first morning back! I miss little ones you can do fun stuff with!

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