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Easy Monogramed Wreath Tutorial

I have slowly been working on the ginormous wall above my piano.  The 3rd piece that I have added is this cute monogram wreath.  It was a simple and quick addition to the wall.  Plus it cost next to nothing!  Mine kind of project!

How to make a large wreath into a bright wall art with a little monogram.  Simple, Huge Impact 

First I made the wreath at the same time as the one that is on my front door HERE

using a wreath as wall art

Then I took some Vinyl from +Expressions Vinyl in Middle Gray and Turquoise Blue

Then in the +Silhouette America online store I found a file called "Frame 2".  I did a little editing to the frame and deleted the little frame circles inside the frame and then I deleted the inside frame. 

Then I found a font that I liked the "S" in and cut that out in the turquoise blue vinyl

Before I put the vinyl on the way I layered the 2 vinyl pieces that I cut.  Then placed it on the wall where I wanted it.  Then I hung up the wreath.

This whole project seriously took me less than an hour.  Even with waiting for the paint to dry.  I did however paint the wreath a few days before I hung it up on the wall.

I love how my wall is turning out.  Its full of color and isn't so BLAH!

To see the rest of the wall go to HERE


Britni said...

I love how simple this is Bobbi, so cute!

avisiontoremember said...

thank you! Being 9 months pregnant I am always looking for something easy ;)

Ali @ Glutenfreehomebakery said...

It's adorable and could be adapted to so many things. You could even make on for a baby's room.

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