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Check Me Out Saturday

Welcome back! You know what to up what you have been working on and please no spam. Also, if you are in the Idaho Falls area make sure to stop by Bonneville High School for the Unique Boutique. There are a ton of really cute vendors there and I would love to see you!


Check Me Out Saturday

Welcome back!  You know what to up what you have been working (please no spam).  Can't wait to see what you have been up to this last week!


Blog Feature: The Turquoise Piano

I am do excited to introduce you to an awesome blog...The Turquoise Piano.  She has a fun little tutorial to share with you all.  Make sure to stop by her blog and let her know that I sent you.  

First of all I want to thank Bobbie for having me.  I just love her blog!  
I'm Kelli, full time wife to Tom and mommy to Morgan, and part time home stager/real estate agent/DIYer/blogger.  I love everything that has to do with real estate -- buying, selling, decorating, remodeling, you name it!  I started my blog, The Turquoise Piano, because my family blog was getting inundated with DIY posts that just didn't seem to belong.
Today I'm going to share an Anthropologie inspired lamp tutorial.  This is the second lamp shade that I have ripped off from Anthropologie.  I can't help it.  They have some great stuff!
This is the first one, click here for the tutorial.  
So, here is Anthro #2.
Before, straight from The Home Depot
This was my first attempt to change it.  I painted the base yellow.  Then I made the removable ruffle shade and showed my husband, who very un-politically correctly (or however you say that) told me that it was a bit too feminine for him.  It wasn't doing it for me either so I changed it again (but I'll post the tutorial for those of you who can handle ruffles).
After: Final
This is the lamp from with the light on...
 ...and off.
Like I said, this lamp shade was Anthropologie inspired... not an exact replica.
Here is the tutorial!
Step 1: Cut out material to fit around your lamp shade.  I used burlap and I realize this isn't a perfect cut out but in the end it worked perfectly.  NOTE: Do not cut a rectangle and expect it to fit your shade unless the top is the same size as the bottom.  I know from experience (on Anthro #1).
Step 2: Glue the bottom of the burlap onto the inside bottom of the lamp shade.
Step 3: Glue the top of the burlap to the inside top of the lamp shade, making sure to pull the material tight to avoid creases or loose fabric.
Step 4: Fold the edge under and hot glue it along the side.  I also glued the start of the fabric to the lamp shade.
Step 5: Cut out the petals for the flowers and place them on the shade where you want them.  I used 8 petals per big flower and 6 per small flower.
Step 6: Glue the petals into place by gluing them all together at the center of the flower and each separate petal at the end.  I did not glue the entire petal down.
Step 7: Glue a cute center piece for each flower.  I used 7 small pearls and 3 large pearls for the big flowers and 3 small pearls for the small flowers.
What do you think of the final project?
Thanks again, Bobbie, for having me today.  Come over and visit The Turquoise Piano!  I try to have at least one tutorial per week to keep you coming back. ;)

Thanks again for sharing your awesome Lamp Shade!  If you would like your blog featured on A Vision to Remember please email me at boblyns at yahoo dot com.  Thanks!


Repurposing a Coffee Table into a Bench-Upholstery Tutorial

Today I want to share with you a little re purposing I did this week.  I really wanted a bench in front of my bed so I was asking my mom how hard it would be to make one.  Come to find out not hard at all...especially if you have the base of it already made.   My parents had an old coffee table from who knows where and they gave it to me for my bench. 

Bench Upholstery Tutorial:
Materials and Tools required
staple gun (I used an air one but a regular old hand one would work)
fabric (I would recommend using upholstery fabric or something with a bit more weight and durability than regular old cotton quilting material.  Don't use something that is stretchy or you will be hating life and your bench will look terrible)
coffee table
4 inch thick dense foam (measure your coffee table to see what size you are needing)
lots of staples

How to:
gather all your materials.  If you are like me it took me 2 weeks to get everything I needed cause I waiting for Joann's to have their foam 50% off.  The foam is regularly $49.99/yard and I needed 1 2/3 so that would have been almost $100.  A little much for my budget but at 50% off it is way more manageable. 

Paint your table.  I used my trusty old paint sprayer and it literally took me longer to prep then it did to paint.  I painted mine black.  I didn't paint the part of my table that would be covered by fabric but if you want it's totally up to you.

Cut your foam to the right size.  I think a regular serrated kitchen knife would work but I used an electric knife and it was much easier and quicker.  When you purchase foam from Joann's it comes in 24 inch wide pieces by how long you need.  I needed mine to be 22x60 inches.  So I had to cut off 2 inches of foam.

Now take your fabric.  I needed a piece of fabric that measured 38x76.  Here's the math for 1 side: 22 inches wide + 4 inches for the foam*2 + 4 inches of fabric to staple to the table*2=38.  Same thing for the other size.  If your fabric has a certain pattern make sure that if you have to piece your fabric that you don't disrupt that pattern.  So when purchasing make sure to take into account how wide the repeated pattern is and how much it will take to piece it together.  Also, think about which way the fabric needs to face when on the bench.  You don't want a pattern going the wrong way if you know what I mean.

Now that you have your fabric ready layer the fabric on the ground or your workspace (I used my kitchen floor) with the fabric lying right side down.  Then place your foam on top and finally the top part of the table on top of that (with the top facing the foam)

Now starting in the middle on the long side.  Make sure that you have the fabric even especially if you have a pattern that needs to be centered or extremely straight with the opposite side.  I am using stripes so it was important to keep everything equal. 

Staple that entire side all the while pulling everything tight.  I first staple every 2-3 inches and then at the end when I know that it all is how I want then I go back and add one every inch or so

Now start on the opposite side and do the same.  I find it helpful to pick up the entire thing and peak under it to make sure that everything is lining up right and that I don't have any unwanted bubbles.

Now start on the short ends in the middle and do the same thing.

When you get to the corners cut away as much bulk as you can and fold the corners in very nicely.

I had to cut away some of the fabric on the underside of the corners so that my coffee table legs would fit into their holes.

I ended up cutting out more than what I took a picture just ended up being easier when I put the legs on. 

Then finish stapling anywhere that you think it could use a bit more.

Then finally I used some of that stuff that you see on the bottom of furniture.  Its black and kinda like mesh.  I stapled that over the top to make it look nice and finished.  You could also use regular old quilting material in the color that matches your top or painted table to finish it.

Reassemble your table

Voila!  Your new (and cheap) and totally custom bench is now finished.

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