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Lexi Lou Rag Bag Blog Tour. The Finished Bags

A couple weeks ago we had a Lexi Lou Rag Purse Blog Tour. It was so much fun to see everyone's take on the bag.  I thought you all might enjoy seeing all the different bag.  I know I loved it!

You can click on the picture of each one and it will take you to each individual blog. 

The Sugar and Spice Version

Sweet Pea and Pumpkins lexi lou rag purse pattern

The funky Bag:
Sewing the Seasons Rag Purse Pattern Lexi Lou
The Boy Bag
Back 40 Life Lexi Lou Rag Bag
The butterfly
Connected by a Thread Lexi Lou Rag Bag

The Punk Version
Adventures with Bubba and Bug Lexi Lou Rag Bag

The Sweet Heart
Create 3.5 Lexi Lou Rag Purse Pattern

The pattern is available in the shop on   Etsy

If you ever want to participate in a blog tour, please don't hesitate to email me and I will get you added to my master list.  There will be a blog tour every month or two and I would love to have you participate!

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Larissa said...

This was such a fun blog tour!

stacey said...

these bags are lovely!

Jona said...

How fun seeing all the bags together on one page!

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