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The Ruffliest Ruffle Crib Skirt Purple Orchid

I love me some frills!  Today, I want to introduce you to my newest, favoritest color.

Radiant Orchid.....

Purple Baby Girl Nursery Dust Ruffle by A Vision to Remember

Marry that with some ruffles.....

Purple Crib Skirt for Baby Nursery

Mix in a new little baby girl.....

Ruffle Crib Skirt for Baby Girl in Purple Orchid

And you have the most beautiful ruffle crib skirt {in my humble opinion}

This crib skirt is available for sale, or I also have a tutorial on how to make a ruffle crib skirt

This crib skirt isn't your normal, average, everyday crib skirt.
1.  The crib skirt is adjustable.  I don't sew it onto a plain white piece of fabric.  I sew it onto velcro.  Then I send some adhesive backed velcro for you to attach it to your crib.  That way you can adjust the height of the skirt to whatever you need it to be.
2. The ruffles are soft and flowey adding a soft touch to your little ones special nursery.  Because I know, she is one unique little girl and should have a bedroom to match!
3. The skirt is longer than your typical crib skirt.  It measures in at a total of 17" tall.  The top 1" is the velcro.  So you get a tall 16" skirt.  (if you want a different height, send me an email at and I can get you a quote for the size you need)

Just so you know, I can't wait to work with you and create your very own custom crib skirt for that special someone in your life!
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