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Barn Style Shed Built from the Ground Up, 8x16 Shed

 Remember the beautiful pallet chicken coop we built a few years ago? 

Remember the matching (un)treehouse we built a few years later? 

Surprisingly (ok, not really) we've got a MATCHING shed. You heard it...a matching shed.  

The shed is also barn style, and we built it from the group up. We also chose to put it on a platform instead of directly on the ground for several reason. One major one was to avoid getting a building permit. Building off the ground and not on a pad allowed us to avoid that small fee. 

See the cute little chicken coop in the corner?

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To get us started off, we rented a sod cutter and went to town cutting out sod. We didn't just want the shed, but also a couple of planter boxes for raspberries and strawberries. Where the rocks and the cement stands are is where the shed would sit

My husband carefully (he's the perfectionist in our family) built the platform on a cement pad. For a couple reasons, but most importantly so that it would perfectly level and square. So important for building the walls and roof later on. 

I don't have any of the specific measurements or plans of the process. Dillon is a pro at figuring out the measurements as he goes, but doesn't write any of it down.

Thankfully we had a skid steer that was able to safely move it from the cement pad to the platform pad we had made. 

Walls are going up, complete with cute little windows. 

The frame of the shed is lean to style. It was easier than building trusses for the shed.

Walls done, windows installed. Checking out our cute little barn style doors to complete the shed, but not installed yet. We ordered the barn doors online, but the company is no longer online.

Then we got to painting. First we prime. Families that prime together, stay together. Right?!

All painted and primed. Ready for trim and doors to be installed. Of course we used the same paint as the chicken coop (appropriately named) Barn Paint

Trim makes all the difference! Slowly but surely we're getting there.

Installed the barn style doors just in time for winter to set in

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