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Stroller/Shopping Cart Caddy Tutorial

Wanna know how to make this handy stroller caddy. It would also work great with a shopping cart.

I designed this with the Phil and Teds Stroller in mind. My stroller has a seat that sits below the
front seat. This is where my baby sits. So I put the ribbon rings at the bottom so that I could attatch toys to it. It will help to keep her entertained.
So the basic instructions (if you want pictures with the instructions I will be doing more detailed for my shop)
Items needed:
fabric (about 1/2 yard of 2 colors)
grosgrain ribbon (about 32 inches)
1/4 inch elastic
  1. Measure how wide you want your caddy to be. Mine was 21 inches.
  2. Measure how long you want your caddy. I wanted mine about 13 inches (if I were to do this again I would make mine 9-10 inches long)
  3. Cut 2 pieces of fabric the width and length that you would like. I had two different colors that I was working with.
  4. Cut a piece of fabric 5 inches smaller than your width measurment. Mine was 21 inches so I cut mine 16 inches. So cut the piece of fabric 16 (or whatever your number is) by 6 inches.
  5. Cut 2 strips of fabric 1 inch wide by 24 inches. Sew those two strips together and turn and press. Cut into 3 equal pieces. These are for the straps that attach to your stroller/shopping cart so if you would like them longer then cut them longer.
  6. Turn the ends of your strips inside and sew them so that you ahve a nice finished edge
  7. Cut your ribbon into 4 equal strips. Heat seal the ends to prevent fraying. (I use these to attach toys to for my baby to play with.
  8. Turn you big pieces of fabric right sides together and pin your staps in the proper place. Sew around and make sure to leave a big enough space to turn it right side out.
  9. Turn right side out.
  10. Take the elastic and sew it across the top part of your smaller piece of fabric as close to the top as possible. While sewing stretch the elastic as much as possible to create the gathering.
  11. Turn the elastic under and sew. Repeat again so that you have no raw edge showing.
  12. Attach the piece of fabric to the larger piece of fabric and turn the raw edge under as you are sewing it.
  13. Sew straight lines on the pocket to create smaller pockets. make sure to leave enough space in the middle for later
  14. Fold over the big piece of fabric leaving an inch or two space at the top. Sew down the sides to create one big pocket.
  15. Sew down the middle to create two pockets.
  16. If you would like the toy rings at the bottom then sew the ribbon on at the bottom
  17. Attach snaps to the straps at the top

And now you have a fun shopping cart/stroller caddy.

This would work great with a phil and teds stroller, an umbrella stroller, a jogging stroller, and a shopping cart. If you have any other uses for it, it would be great to hear from you.

Another idea I have is to make this into an apron. The only thing that you would change is to make straps to go around the waist (or you could use ribbon). I tried this on my 3 yr olds waist and it would fit perfectly (could be a few inches shorter). I just need to make it for her.

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