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Cupcake Cake with Gum Drop Flowers

It will be my sisters birthday next week but we were with her in AZ this last week so we threw her a surprise b-day party. I made her a really cute cake with the wilton cupcake cake tin

It is called the Giant Cupcake Pan. So much fun with a huge impact. 

 You can find it here (Amazon Affiliate Link) and most stores that have wilton have this pan.

cupcake birthday cake

To make it even simpler, we used a cake mix. As a busy mom, anytime we can simplify, is a win win for us all. More time with mom for the kids and hubby. 

All in time, around 1 1/2 hours. Shortening the time frame, with putting the cake in the freezer to cool quicker. Impatient much? 

For the flowers I used gum drop orange slices with yellow gumdrop centers. Sprees for the polka dot base add another burst of color.

gum drop birthday cake
girl birthday cupcake cake
cupcake with orange flowers for birthdayThe cake was crazy fast to put together. It really took no time at all, and was easily put together with things from the pantry and some imaginative candy placement. 
happy birthday girl cake

It is the perfect cake to create for your little boy or girls first birthday.

Easily change up the colors and use other candy to create your boys favorite scene for his first birthday.

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GroverFamily said...

super cute! i love how you used the gummy candy to make flowers!

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