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Monday, January 25, 2010

Toddler Skirt and Baby Dress

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I found this Micheal Miller Corduroy at a local Ben Franklins in the clearance bin because it was from the end of the bolt. I got just under a yard for close to $5.00! I was ecstatic because I had seen this fabric before but knew that I could not afford $15.00 a yard.

I first made the babys jumper. It is a pattern from New Look #6578. This pattern is super easy. The instructions are very clear and simple to understand. As I was sitting in church yesterday morning it dawned on me "why did I not make this dress reversible?!? I lined the chest area with a pink corduroy that I found at DI (our local thrift store) for a dollar or something for just under a yard.

Oh and for the buttons a little trick that I did was: faux buttons. Instead of doing the button hole I did snaps then hand sewed the button onto the dress making sure that I allowed for enough room for the snap to still work properly. Let me tell you...tons easier and still an adorable dress.

When I was finished with the jumper I realized that I had enough fabric of both corduroy to make the toddler a dress. She was so excited to be able to match her sister.

For her skirt I cut two rectangles (the width of the fabric). It ended up being whatever fabric I had leftover that formed a rectangle. Then I sewed them together. Then I trimmed the one big rectangle up (cause I did not do this before). Then I sewed the one big rectangle into one circle. Then I added the elastic waistband. Next Time I do this, I think that I will add elastic only to the back part of the skirt. I don't know quite how it will work but I am going to try it. Then I finished the bottom of the skirt and I was done. I think this skirt took me 20 minutes from start to finish.

The results were fabulous!


  1. So cute!! You got a steal on that fabric!

  2. Saw your link on Sumo's sweet stuff. I love the faux button idea...genius!

  3. Super cute, both the clothes and your little girlies!!!


  4. Very cute fabric, and what a great price!

    Please feel free to share it at My Frugal Family's Talented Tuesday link party!

  5. I love that fabric. I have been eyeing it since it came out and that is a GREAT price! I'm a sucker for matching little sister outfits :) Love thiese!

  6. Your little girls are so cute... and I think the pink sunglasses totally make the outfit! ; )

    The dresses are really sweet!

  7. I like to do faux buttons too. It makes it much easier to put together.

  8. Love the dresses and fabric. Great job. I found you while I was browsing blue Cricket Designs. Thanks and Best Wishes

  9. This is such good motivations to sew.

    And seriously what is up with the price of fabric nowadays? Come on! I am glad you got it for such a good deal!

  10. Thank you for sharing your awesome project at Thursday’s Treasures last week! Come share your crafty projects in this week’s Thursday’s Treasures too!


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