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Award Winning Mushroom Stuffed Hamburgers Recipe

My family loves hamburgers...they also love mushrooms. I am not a fan of mushrooms. So technically I have never really tasted this particular recipe. I do however stuff my hamburger with onions.

This recipe my friend and I came up with for a tailgating contest. We won 2nd place and the recipe is now published in the local magazine.

Stuffed Hamburgers
1 lb ground beef
sliced mushrooms
garlic salt, onion salt,
1 tsp worchestershire sauce
1 drop of liquid smoke
cheese (pepper jack cheese or swiss is our favorites)

combine all ingredients except for the mushrooms and butter. Then make thin patties. Place some mushrooms into the center of the patties along with a sliver of butter and small piece of cheese. Then place another patty on top of the mushrooms and other patty. Squish the hamburger together around the edges. Cook on the grill or however you normally cook your hamburgers. Then place your favorite cheese on the top of the hamburger.

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